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Chapter 33: Kaito explores the sky island

Me and Balaina decided to go into the forest that could be seen on the other side.

When we measured electromagnetic waves to look for a management console, the one that responded most strongly was in the direction of the woods.

We fly using a small gravity controller and cross the shore.

Flying too high would be detected by the air defense weapons system, resulting in us flying close to the surface of the water.17781 If you are/ seeing this text/ you are reading 17781 from a pirated source and we would appreciate if you visit us at nobles.jp to read our content17781 !

Since we can't search from the sky, we'll have to use our feet.

In any case, our goal is not only to find the management console, but also to investigate this sky island.

As we explore with your feet, we'll identify key ecosystems and resources and see how much we can use them.

The forest was full of lush life.

I and Balaina walk on the path of the warm sunshine.

To the outside, it looked like a dark forest of densely populated trees, but in fact it was properly spaced so as not to block out sunlight, and had no gloomy atmosphere.

The soil is soft and fluffy, as if walking on a carpet.

Flesh mushrooms grew on moss-covered fallen trees that sometimes become obstacles.

The drifting sweet and sour scent may be due to the growing vines in the mountains.

The birdsong was pleasant to the ears and the squirrel was running on the branch as I looked up.

Although they didn't appear in front of us, I can feel the signs of many other animals.

A variety of ecosystems seem to be built in this forest.

However, I was worried.

"The number of insects is small."

I nodded at Balaina's words.

It's not that there aren't any insects. Bees are flying in the sky, and earthworms can be found after digging some dirt. Yet no pests such as mites are found anywhere.

"It looks like the environment is perfectly managed."

"It seems that all but the recognized animals and plants are exterminated."

"It's like a miniature garden, but it's convenient for us."

"Yes. It has a very good environment. The quality of the dirt are excellent. Mixed farming in that area would increase the output in each step."

"Right, it's no exaggeration to say that this is an ideal paradise, but that's why it's strange why there are no humans."

It is without doubt that the people who created this sky island were from Age of Gods.

It is unknown what the purpose was,but they wouldn't starved living in this island.

So why did humans disappear?

Did they lose in fighting with people outside from the island? Or did the people living on this island fight each other? Or has the disease spread beyond treatment?

Or maybe they didn't actually perish and instead hiding somewhere?

I thought about the possibilities, but there was no answer.

Eventually, we walked out of the woods into an open space.

There was a large, clear blue lake. The central part of the lake is raised, and a large tree that pierces the heaven grows from the place where the floating island is located.

The trunk looked terribly thick and seemed to be robust, and the branches that stretched in all directions had leaves that were as large as a human face.

When I saw the tree, I remember the mythical tree called "World Tree".

"It's a gigantic tree."

"Aside from the trees, the terrain is too artificial and makes it feel very awkward."

I laughed completely agreeing with her

I think this is an interesting scenery by itself, but it is clearly abnormal compared to other scenes because it is too artificial, and the feeling it gives off is too foreign to the scenery.

To describe this attached scenery in one word-

"Zero sense"

I said so honestly, and Balaina laughed.

"Hahaha, I want to see the human who designed this!"

"When they thought of this, they must've been really excited."

"Definitely. They must have thought that Godly design has come down!"

"Didn't the people around him stopped him from making this? That this design is really lame."

"Maybe the people around didn't have the standing to say their opinion?"

"Ah~, situation like that are so common."

"It's a story of a tough world. The designers must've been sad."

Even behind the construction of such a magnificent sky island, it seemed strange to think that there were human-like wobbles.

After all, human beings are like humans no matter where they go.

Well, I don't really care about that.

"But this sh*tty large tree is planted in such a conspicuous way that it may have some other purpose."

"Don't say sh*tty large tree! ... A purpose you say?"

"Maybe a device that manages the whole forest is embedded inside?"

"Oh, why don't you check out the electromagnetic waves!"

When I took out the electromagnetic wave checker and pointed it at the big tree, there was a strong reaction.

"It looks like the right answer! Is this a management console?"

"Well, let's investigate anyway."

As we cross the lake and approach the large tree, we begin the investigation.

First of all, we found that the tree was a tree made by genetic engineering and that it was 8,000 years old.

In other words, The sky Island was created about 8,000 years ago.

It emerged two thousand years after the seal was sealed.

And, most importantly, I found a device embedded in the large tree.

"Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be a management console. It looks like a device that only manages the forest. However, since the system is connected, I should be able to access and locate the console console from here. Please wait for a moment "

Balaina touched a large tree with her forefoot and attempts to break into the system.

In no time, Balaina looked back at me.

"Locating is complete. It is at rocky valley that rises southwest from here. The distance is a bit far, but with this body we will arrive before sunset."

"Okay, so let's go right now."

I tried to walk and stopped suddenly.

"Somehow, it's feels a little too easy and it's not as adventurous as I thought."

"Did you want an adventure?"

"I'm a former adventurer, was there anything more exciting then an adventure?"

"I just feel that it's troublesome, so I want to go home quickly."

I laughed at the honest words from Balaina.

"I've been with you for more than six months, but you've never changed."

"Is it still half a year? I feel like I've been around for a year."

"Me too. Well, you're always there to help me out."

"Thank you, Balaina. Thanks to you, I'm always saved."

When I say thanks, the Balaina looks down at her.

"What, are you saying all of a sudden?!"

"No, by the way, I don't think I've ever thanked you."

"... I'm a support AI, of course I'll do my best for the Owner."

"But you don't like anything troublesome right?"

"That's that, and this is this."

I see, I laughed again.

"But you're still helping me. I'll continue to ask for your help, Balaina."

"... Captain Kaito, you're being strange ?"

"Strange? How am I strange?"

"Because it's weird to change like that. Well then ..."

Balaina points at me and shouts.

"You must be planning on confessing to me under this legendary tree!"


"I'm glad, but I'm just a support AI ... I can't respond to Captain Kaito's wishes ..."

"No, no, what's the story? Hey, Balaina-chan, what are you talking about?"

"Captain Kaito should have a better partner! So sorry! I can't accept that confession!"

"That's why? Wait a minute?"

"Let's hurry up! We have an important role in getting into this sky island! We don't have time to get involved in romance!"

The departure progress, and the baller who raised her fist started to proceed without permission.

This support a.i, realized what I was trying to do and forcibly changed the flow!

I wanted to make a good atmosphere and throw her under confusion!

Now that it became like this, I will definitely find the truth behind this sky island!

We go through forests and climb steep rocky mountains.

Although it is a difficult place to walk normally, thanks to this rabbit body, it was possible for the rabbit to jump over it.

On the way, we were attacked by a giant synthetic monster, Chimera, but there really is nothing I can talk about as I easily defeated it with my photon repulsor.

Probably a monster placed by a human from the age of gods as a guardian.

We arrived at the summit without difficulty and found the city of from the age of gods stuck in the valley.

Yes, a city. The city extends in the valley.

There were no humans, but nothing was damaged.

Maybe there's a robot to do the maintenance.

"Is there an sky island management console in that city?"

I asked Balaina, but there was no response. She didn't deliberately ignored me, but seemed to be worried about something, and looked unusual.

"Balaina, what's wrong?"

"... Eh, oh, no, nothing ..."

But that face doesn't seem to be nothing.

There shouldn't have been any particular incident so far.

"What is it?

"... actually ..."


Balaina said with a serious look.

"I was worried that I hadn't saved and the save may have been erased for the game I was playing before I came here ... I've been raising my level for about four hours ..."

"you, it really is nothing to worry abut"

I'll kick you, this useless support AI.

"Because Captain Kaito told me to go quick and hurry! If I can't save it, it's because of Captain Kaito! Take responsibility and raise my level!"

"I don't care! Look for the management console!"

I pull the forefoot of the ballerina and descend into the valley.


"Yeah? What?"

I heard back, as the Balaina said something behind.


"No, I haven't said anything?"

Balaina simply shakes her head.

Kaito learns the truth about Sky Island.
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There are some grammar errors here and there, but it's rather late night here, so it would be too hard to write them down. This (probably) little adventure is getting interesting, and I like the whole super guardian monster not worth more than a little mention. Thanks for the chapter! Great translation! God bless you!