Kaito harvests potatoes
Chapter 19: Kaito surrounds the happy dining table.


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“... For now, I will try to cook it, so how should I do it?”

Since Sena asked me, I told her of a simple cooking method for the potatoes.

“You wash them properly with water and boil them with their skins on”

“I understand. ...Since we may not be able to finish them all, we will store them in the refrigerator on the vegetable room”1147 If you are/ seeing this text/ you are reading 1147 from a pirated source and we would appreciate if you visit us at nobles.jp to read our content1147 !

“No, these potatoes, it is better for them to be stored somewhere dark in room temperature. And it is fine right now but when it starts to sprout or turns green, cut them apart.”

“...Potatoes… I see, I understand”

Sena nodded and went inside the house after receiving the potatoes from me. I sat on the chair located on the wood deck and saw her leave.

“Refrigerator, huh”

It seems like she has fully absorbed the power of civilization. I don’t feel any avoidance towards something they don’t know. I guess the only thing they were truly unable to understand was the bidet function in the toilet.

Now that I think about, will they be able to return back to their old ways of living after being so used to the current environment? I don’t think there would be a situation where I would kick them off, but what of the time when they suddenly want to descend, what will happen?

If there is a meeting there is a goodbye. Currently I can’t imagine them wanting to descend, but what if a stacking of circumstances were to push them to leave the place. Maybe such a time may happen.

Is there anything I can do to make them live happily even if such a thing were to occur? Is giving them a safe haven the only thing I can give them?

Even though I am now all powerful, when you think about it, things I can give them are pretty limited.

“Thinking so deeply about it is meaningless”

It seemed like Balaina came next to me while I was thinking about a lot of things. And on her back was Israphel looking grumpy as ever. It seems like she read my mind through Toyokumo’s main system.

“What do you mean it's meaningless to think about it?”

“It not so much about meaningless, rather more on something bad might happen”

“What do you mean?”

“As a living being when you think too much all alone, bad and negative feelings will start to swallow their thought”

“I see. There is a point in what you say.”

“Just go with the feeling. Usually, things will go well in this way”

“Feeling, huh. That's rather carefully and better”

Balaina’s words were rather funny and I laughed, feeling a lot better. Indeed, Balaina’s words are correct. Humans are a being that evolved through thinking and increased their influence, but with a swelled intelligence also carries a lot of heavy burdens. It is not good to look at thoughts with an objective look. History speaks of itself.

However, for a fruit of human knowledge, Balaina to say it was rather ironical. Maybe, because she is the fruits of human knowledge, she could think like this.

“Mr Kaito I’ve brought a drink for you”

While I was talking to Balaina, Sena came carrying a plate and two glasses on a tray. She probably knew Balaina was here through our voice. What a really considerate girl.

“Thanks, this helps a lot”

“No problem. I will go back to cooking now”

Sena brought us a carbonated water and mint syrup mix. It was a mixture of mint and honey that I harvested from the forest and carbonated water made inside Toyokumo. There was ice inside as well, and the sound that was made through shaking the glass felt comfortable to the hear.

Isrpahel, who was given the same drink, was playing with ice as she crushed them in her mouth. .. This girl, I don’t care if you were to get sick from this.

Balain was licking normal water from the plate with her tongue normally. Since she is a wolf, it's not good for her to consume too much sugar. After enjoying the sound of ice, I decided to slowly enjoy the taste. The carbonated water popped in my mouth,sweet taste spread around and an elegant smell of mint spread to my nose. It was a drink that made you feel refreshed.

A gentle breeze brushed past my face. The sound of drying clothes being fluttered through the gentle breeze. The sight in front of me, laid an endless sea of blue sky. Everything about this place made me feel at peace.

It seems like I could enjoy a peaceful day today.

“Mr Kaito you were visiting us!”

Just as I finished drinking, Nao and the bunch came back from fishing. Before I greeted them, I stood up and took distance from them.

“Kaito! Welcome nya!” “We were waiting for you nya!”

Because I dodged Shiro and Kuro who was rushing at a great speed, they reached Balaina as they hugged her neck.


At that moment, Balaina’s painful scream echoed to the sky. These brats, while still latched on

Balaina’s neck they circled around.

Uwooo~~ That hurts a lot… When they did that to me before, I thought my neck was about to fall off. As for Israphel who was riding Balaina, she fell head first to the floor and were fainting in agony while holding her head.


… Both of them were in a terrible state. I’m sure they will be fine since they are both pretty tough but…

I thought that I should help out, but Nao did it for me.

“Come on, Brats! Stop what you’re doing!”

“Nya! Nao got angry nya!” “Run away nya!”

The two left off at great speed after leaving Balaina. Despite being a child their speed were impressive, as expected of a felper (feline human) who specialized in nimbleness. While I was looking at them with admiration, Nao bowed towards me.

“I’m sorry, these brats were causing ruckus ”

“It's fine, they are at that age to be mischievous. Leaving that aside, how were your results from fishing?”

“We were able to get plenty of fish! Look!”

Inside the cool box that she showed with great pride, there were indeed great amounts of cloud fishes.

“Amazing, you’ve brought so much!”

“Hehehe, we worked hard”

“With this much, won’t it be hard to prepare them all? I will help”

“Then, we are in your care!”

Me and Nao stood in front of a kitchen made out of bricks on the wood deck and started to prepare the fish in great dexterity with the knife. Cloud fishes bones and scales can be eaten, hence all you have to do is take out the internal organ and open them in half. The huge amount of cloud fish were prepared in no time.

“Nevertheless, there are so many of them”

“We can turn the rest into dried fish”

“Yup, that will be great. Since, we can’t always fish this many.”

Cloud fish are constantly migrating so there is always a huge contrast in the amount that can be fished. I thought about having them in an aquaculture but it seemed too difficult. Especially, according to the database, when you start raising your own cloud fishes they stop reproducing.

Even in the age of gods the method of solving this problem was not found. I tried making a small environment to raise the cloud fishes inside the ship, for data collecting, but no matter what in short amount of time their reproduction ability decreased.

It’s a problem that I wish to solve, but even if it's in the future, that future looks bleak and far away. With all these reasons, aquaculture of the cloud fishes aren’t plausible.

While I was grilling the cloud fish that I prepared, Sena came out from the house.

“Aah, the fish are already grilling. I was just in time!”

She carried the boiled potato on the plate, in her hand. Finally, I get to eat and try out the potatoes!

“Nya, what is this?” “horse poop?” “Poop is on the plate nya”

Shiro and Kuro who came back said so as soon as they reached the table.

…. What, calling them horse sh*t is a little too much! Right, they might look a little similar! But please stop with the poop!

“What are you saying to the food that Mr Kaito brought for us!”

Even after getting scolded by Sena, Shiro and Kuro kept on saying “But it's a poop nya!”. Whatever, I don’t care, just say what you want to say. You will know its tasty the moment you eat it.

“Now that everyone is here, let us start eating!”

They all replied with ok, and so we all started to dig in.

I took a bite out of the well-cooked cloud fish. *Bari* *Saku Saku*, the scale had a savory fragrance, and the insides were soft and tender. The bones were soft grilled enough to be bitten through and I enjoyed its umami. Everyone was smiling saying “this is tasty ” and were eating the cloud fish.

Yup yup, a peaceful dinner table is the best. It makes you feel really happy.

Bu, there was one thing that bothered me~~~

“Guys come on? Why don’t you try the potatoes?”

When I asked them, they all looked away.

“O, Oi Balaina. You know that Potatoes are tasty right?”

“I prefer meats and fishes since I am a wolf”


Argh, whatever! I will eat it all alone! I grabbed the piping hot potatoes and took a big bite.


“Is something wrong?? Are you Ok!?”

When I choke up on my voice, Sena looked at me worryingly.

“Ma, maybe this was something that you shouldn’t eat….”

I bitterly smiled at potatoes being dissed pretty hard and I shook my head.

“No, I was surprised because it was a little too hot”

“I see”

“Come, you should try it as well. Everyone, come on, try it!”

After being offered by me, everyone took the potatoes unwillingly and ate it.

“Ah, it's ok” “This is ok” “This is not poop nya” “I can eat it nya”

They all said an honest review. Right the potatoes were ok. It may last a little longer in the mouth but it had some sweetness, warmth and easy to get full. It wasn’t something to be astonished, but it was good in itself.

It seemed like their preconception against the potatoes disappeared as they started to eat it from their own will.

“This is becomes tastier if you put more salt on it”

“It tastes good when you eat it with the fish”

Saying so they were able to find the right way to eat it and were enjoying their time.

Even Israphel who was just watching from a distance was reeled in as she took a bit at the potato and made a “I see” kind of face.

No matter what happened before, potatoes seemed to be well received by them. I felt really happy seeing everyone enjoy the it so I took another potato.

“Mr Kaito, can this be grown by us?”

Nao asked me while looking back and forth between me and the potato.

“I thought, this might be good to eat as staple food. Since, it doesn’t have the taste that people get tired of as well”

“You want to grow potatoes? … I see, then, let's make a farm for it later”

“Thank you very much!”

I can grow it all inside the ship but, it is fine for Nao and the bunch to grow it with their own power, feeling of independence is important.

“As for the seed you can just scatter the potatoes that were left over”

“You just scatter the potatoes?”

“I will teach you the specifics after we finish making the farm”

“I understand! Thank you very much”

To Nao who bowed while smiling, I nodded smiling as well.

It might be more fun to work with everyone instead of always thinking about efficiency inside the ship. I remember there are alot of other seeds as well, so maybe we can scatter them as well.

And, it might be a good idea to have our own cattles. With that we won’t have to hunt for meat every time and we can produce milks and eggs as well. Food is the biggest enjoyment in life. It is a good idea to be able to eat good food anytime and anywhere we want. Right, I decided, I am going to make a farm on Toyokumo’s for everyone!

Kaito successfully builds the farm
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