Kaito invites Holy Dragon King to the Memorial Festival
Chapter 40: Kaito manages the memorial festival.


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The first play-the adventure drama was a great success.

Although the story itself was classical, everyone was very satisfied with the staging and the action scene.

This is because the heavy use of small gravity controllers and holographic video cameras made it possible to create a powerful drama not seen in the under world.

Needless to say, the enthusiasm of the performers was the very thing that allowed this.11429 If you are/ seeing this text/ you are reading 11429 from a pirated source and we would appreciate if you visit us at nobles.jp to read our content11429 !

I praised the performers and decided to take a small break before preparing for the next stage.

"So, let's get our lunch over with. I'll bring it over."

Sena runs to a store to procure our food.

As I sat and rested, the Balaina suddenly rushed to my side.


"Uwoh! Ba,Balaina! What happened?"

"I saw you resting and so I came to say hello."

"I see ... What about Israphel and Gabriel?"

"I'm here"

When I looked towards where I heard someone's voice, there was an unfamiliar woman standing.

A bewitching woman in a luxurious backless dress with long golden hair.

Her head has golden twisted horns, from her back white bat-like wings were grown, and she had a lizard like tail growing down..

I was able to realize her identity before I became alerted with a sudden appearance of a stranger.

"... Perhaps are you Ms Gabriel?"

"Yes, that's right, but I wanted you to be a little more surprised because I changed my appearance to that of a beastmen."

I smile and shook my heads at Gabriel, who inflates her cheeks in dissatisfaction.

"I'm really surprised. Is that a dragon's ability?"

"Yes, that's right. If I looked like before, it would be inconvenient to enjoy the festival."

"Oh, yeah, I see ... but weren't people cautious or alerted against you?"

"When I told them that I am Mr Kaito's friend, they were all convinced, and I also told tem I was Israphel's mother."

Saying so, Gabriel pulls Israphel from behind.

Israphel, who was eating a skewered meat, turned her eyes riddened with grudge towards me.

Then, she clicks her tongue.

"Isrpahel, what was with you clicking your tongue just now?"

Naturally, Gabriel didn't miss it, crouching down and looking into Israphel's face.

At that moment, the rich breasts wrapped in a purple dress shook gently, but Gabriel's face was scared and he had no time to flutter.

I was scared when she was angry in her dragon form, but when she is in her human form it became scarier with an increase in facial expressions she could make.

How could she transmit such fear when she was just smiling instead of showing an usual angry expression?

As for Israphel, she her teeth were cluttering and shivering in fear

"Ma, mother,iiiiitttss diffffeeereent"

"How so?"

"Uh, um ... um ... yes! I wasn't clicking my tongue, rather I was just trying to get the meat stuck in back of my teth...right...."

"Oh, I see, it was just that?"

"Yes, that's right! I didn't click my tongue!"

"This seems to require not only preaching but also punishment."


Gabriel grabbed the head of Israphel, who looked too surprised.

"I'm sorry! My head will break!"

Israphel, whose head is held so strong that I can hear the squeaking sound, is desperately twisting herself to get out.

However, Gabriel's gripping hand does not flutter.

Wow ... it looks so painful ...

"Now, Kaito. I'm have a business to take care so, I must bid you good bye for a little bit.

"Oh, yes, yes. When you're done, enjoy the festival again."

"Yes, I'll do that."

Gabriel left, dragging Israphel.

I was amazed and looked at the Balaina who was still between my armpit.

"Balaina, can you go with Ms Gabriel so that she won't go too far"

"... I'll do just that."

"My Bad, thanks."

I saw off the running Balaina and thought that it was probably impossible.

Because she's so scary ...

"It's going to crack! it will really crack"

However, Israphel also has to learn ...

The subsequent love drama, starring Garraf, was also very successful.

Anyway, although it is not yet a formal lover relationship, the act that comes to love is a heroine with the protagonist, so the performance is also close to true.

"Here is the real deal, Garraf."

When Garraf came down from the stage and whispered the words, Garraf laughed, saying, "Shut up."

Garraf is a good guy. I hope it works.

Well, from the looks of it, it should go well.

The second play is over, and it's time for the orchestra to resume playing.

As I and Sena helped to prepare, the orchestra leader, the Hornedmen young-Robin, pointed down the stage with an annoying laugh.

"Both of you don't care about us. We'll do the rest, so you guys can go play now."

"I'm grateful, but we're in charge of the festival."

"That's right. The festival is still going on and We can't just leave."

"It's okay if we don't have a person in charge. I want you to trust us more."

Robin pushed me and Sena to the stage sleeve stairs.

"Come on, go go!"

I was forcibly dropped from the stage, and looked at Sena next to her face.

"……what should we do?"

"……What shall we do?"

We looked away for a while and started laughing at the same time.

"We can't help it since we were kicked out."

"That's right. Since we were kicked out lets just go enjoy the time as well. "

"Do you want to eat something?"

I've already eaten a light meal, but when I smell such a good smell, I'm starting to get hungry.

This is where you want to eat meat.

I tried to walk to the stall and my hand was pulled by Sena.

"That direction is no good!"

"What's wrong?"

"Well, look!"

Sena encourages me to look closely, but there is no particular reason to hesitate to go.

At best, about four drunk beastmen are making noise.

"What happened to that?"

"If you go to those drunk people, you will be drunk too. Even if you enjoy the festival, you have to put up with alcohol only until the launch."

"Oh, yeah ... yes ..."

To be honest, I want to drink while eating meat dishes.

However, as Sena says, alcohol should be until the launch.

"So what should I do?"

"Well, but we're hungry. Let's walk to the residential area until the drunks are gone."

"Towards the residential area? We just decorated it and aren't doing anything?"

"That's why. Even though I worked so hard to decorate, I couldn't see it carefully, won't it be such a waste?"

"That's true. We did our best designing it."

"Well, let's go see it."

Sena is holding my hand and pulling it to the residential area.

Her aggressiveness may be due to the influence of the festival.

I bitterly moved my legs while being pulled by Sena.

To be Continued...
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