Kaito and the speech
Chapter 27: Kaito and the meeting with the beastmen

Anyway, I'm tired from today.

I'll take a warm bath and I won't stay up late for tonight in preparation for tomorrow.

While I was thinking so, Balaina and Israphel appeared.

Israphel is still straddling the Balaina like usual.12330 If you are/ seeing this text/ you are reading 12330 from a pirated source and we would appreciate if you visit us at nobles.jp to read our content12330 !

"Oh, you came at the right time. I'm going back to the ship so you guys should come as well."

"Before that, there is something that Israphel wants to talk about."

"Talk? What is it?"

I tilt my head to the Balaina's words.

Then, Frowning Isrpahel opened her mouth.

"Human, you are foolish"

"... Huh?"

When I thought that she was about to talk without Balaina's help this is what she said.

I wonder whats the problem with this guy

No, I know she have have some thoughts about me about ...

I won't understand if you just call me foolish out of nowhere.

Israphel continued talking, while I still had my head tilted.

"Why do you need to take care of so many beastmen?"

"Why you ask..."

"A problem will definitely happen. Why do you need to invite yourselves to the problems? With your power, you can live alone comfortably. Rather, others will just be in the way."

Israphel shakes her head showing how she couldn't understand.

I see, that kind of thing.

I thought for a moment and then said:

"It's easy to tell my reasons"

"Well, what? Tell me."

"But you won't be told by words alone, so Israphel. You will live with them on this back from tomorrow. I will prepare the house."

"What, what ?!"

Ignore the astounding Israphel and continue.

"And work with them. To survive."

But of course Israphel was not convinced and turned red and turned angry.

"Don't be silly! You're telling me to work! Sleep talk after you go to sleep !"

"I'm not joking. I'm really serious, and I think this will be best for you."

"It's for me! What help will this bring me?"

"Because, if you keep on like this, you won't be able to return back to the Holy Dragon forever."

The purpose of Israphel is to have Gabriel forgive her and return to being the Holy Dragon.

Nevertheless, she can't return back if she spend the time lazily.

"What did Ms Gabriel say? Stop being arrogant, be merciful and forgiving, and if you work with them and develop the city, you'll understand her."

"but ... but ..."

I pointed to Israphel looking for a way out.

"This is a decision that's decided! No objection!"

"Fue !?"

Israphel's escape were cut off and she cried out loud, tears in her eyes.

"Human fool ah ah ah ah!"

Then she jumps off from Balaina and ran away.

"Can you believe that is that great Grand Holy Dragon?"

As I sighed, Balaina laughed through her nose.

"Well, she is still a child."

"A child that is 500 years old?"

"Anyway,I will go to her and soothe her. Please go back to the room without me."

She said so and I watched Balaina leave, and I scratched my head feeling stupid.

Then, a telepathy came from Balaina.

"Even if she is like that she is trying her best to learn from you."

"That Israphel? Are you sure? "

"It's just that she doesn't understand so she don't know how to learn."

"Is it really like that huh"

"That's why I think it is a good idea to let her live with the beastmen."

"Can you watch over her so that she don't trouble them? "

"I intend to do that. Leave it to me"

I was relieved from the reliable reply, but at the same time I couldn't help but come up with doubts.

"Well, Balaina. I want to ask you something. "

"What is it? 』

"Why are you good friends with Israphel? 』

"Oh, that's-"

"that is? 』

"... the secret of the maiden"

"Hah! ? What the heck are you saying! ? "

When I involuntarily screamed, Balaina cut off the call.

What the heck's with maiden's secret!She's just a Support AI


They don't seem to hide it with a bad intention.

Even so, it's a strange story that Support AI does something in a secret.

Is it affected by the body, albeit a wolf?

Ummm, I don't know ... it's a mystery ... that damn dog ...

When I looked up at the sky, I saw a dazzling star river.

The blinks of the stars seem to be blessing our new beginning.

I returned to my room humming a song.

"Let's take a bath and sleep"

The next day, thanks to Sena, the first meeting of the Beastmen started smoothly.

The place is yesterday's outdoor auditorium.

Only one-third were gathered compared to the day before, as only the representatives of each household were gathered.

Others were taken with Nao to visit fields and ranches.

The people here will also join later.

"Everyon, thank you for gathering today as well. I'd like to discuss how we can develop this town into a city."

When I told them, the reaction was immediate.

"I've been waiting!"

"It's time to begin our city!"

"I'll definitely make it a good town!"

I smile and nod at the motivated voice.

It's been overnight, but it looks like the heat is still there.

"Now there's a lot to decide. To make it run smoothly, I want to first decide on a city leader. Is there any candidate willing to become one?"

This question, however, returned only a confused voice.

"Oh, that! Mr Kaito!"

Meanwhile, a young birdman, raises his hand.

Youth? ...... Well, I guess he's young because his voice is young.

Birdmen are a beast with bird heads and feathers. Now, a young man who raised his had looked similar to hawk.

"Oh, are you a candidate?"

"That's not it! Not that!"

The young birdman, hurriedly shook his head and said quietly.

"... Ah, isn't the leader, Mr. Kaito?"

"No way"

As soon as I answered, everyone looked surprised.

With a bitter smile at that, I will tell them the essence of the city.

"I told you, this is the city of you beastmen. But what do I do as a human leader? The leader should be someone from your race."

Everyone showed a surprised face to these words.

Yes, it doesn't make sense for me to be the leader. If I became the leader, then this city will just become a city governed by human with beastmen living in it.

"Of course, that doesn't mean I'm throwing everything at you. I'll lend you a hand until the town is on track.."

Everyone looked up and nodded that it was as I said.

However, even if they are satisfied, they do not seem to have the courage to run for the leader.

In the meantime, a recommendation began to rise without permission.

"Well, why not Ms Mora?"

"Yes, he was an elder at the camp."

"Elder, what do you think?"

The nominated Mora woman desperately shook her head.

"Don't say stupid thing! This grandma can't be a city leader! Young people do their best without relying on us old people!"

Having said that, Ms. Mora declined the recommendation.

As a matter of fact, I think she has the thoughtfulness to be a leader.

However, as she said, she is too old.

Because we're starting a new city, the leader should be a person with the vitality to create a new breeze.

"Well, should do it? Will you do it??"

"Stop joking!... Oh,right won't Garaf be fine?

"Yes! Garaf! Garaf is qualified!"

"Hey Garaf. Become our leader!"

The next nominated Garaf rejected the same, though.

"Come on! Me as a leader? Do that serious rotten job with another guy! I'm already busy with thinking about making alcohol!"

Garaf turned it down, showing his affirmation.

Hmmm, Garaf won't do it. I thought he was the best for this job.

After all, the strong appearance gives the follower a sense of security, and the truth, his boldness is good and he is trusted by others.

Since Garaf declined, the discussion to determine the leader became complicated.

You can extend a helping hand, but then, that will mean that I was the one who decided it

This is a place where the beastmen want to make a new start, and I want the person himself to elect himself confidently with strong intention ...

At that moment, a thin hand quickly rose.

"I'll do it! Let me be the leader!"

It was Sena's hand.

Sena raised her hand straight and made bidded herself for the candidacy.

Kaito completes the foundation of the city