Kaito dies and becomes a ghost
Chapter 3: Kaito awakens a whale from the age of gods

“Leviathan” a hyper gigantic monster that inhabits deep seas. Also known as “Whale”. I haven’t seen an actual whale in my life, but that object looked awfully similar to the one depicted in the drawings.

It has two fins on its chest area and as a tail, just like any other fish, it's stomach bloated in a rather oval shape with stripes lining from chest area to it's tail, it displayed it's noble grandeur.

Yup, definitely a whale. But, what is a whale doing here? This place is quite a distance away from the sea. It's not like it walked all the way here. I don’t really understand, but I couldn’t help but feel curious. I decided to temporarily halt my plan of going outside the dungeon, and approached the whale.4836 If you are/ seeing this text/ you are reading 4836 from a pirated source and we would appreciate if you visit us at nobles.jp to read our content4836 !

When you look at it up close, it's as expected, humongous. Too huge. It's large to the point you can probably create a town on its back. The surface is white and smooth, making one wonder if it has fossilized. I realized one thing after circling around while observing it.

“Eh, why is there an entrance here?”

It was located in the blowhole, right on the head of the whale. It is said to allow whales to splash water. It was not a spherical hole as depicted but a round door with a doorknob.

“Is this not a whale, but rather a ship?”

But, this kind of giant ship is impossible to be built with the current human technology. Then, it must be built during the mythical age of gods without a doubt. To the revealed truth, my curiosity grew.

“Alright! Lets enter it!”

The door seemed to be secured with heavy security, but fortunately, or so I might say, currently my body doesn’t have a material body, therefore can enter through basically anything. The insides were dark since the light from the magic stone doesn’t reach here. However, I can feel what and where the things are. This must be one of the abilities of the ghost.

As expected inside the ship, were a corridor for humans to walk in. For now, I decided to go to the steering room. After searching mindlessly for a couple of minutes, I found the door that clearly showed that it was the steering room. I inflate my already stopped heart full of hope, and pass through the door.

There was a light on the other side of the door. The room’s wall was all made out of glass, allowing light from the outside to enter. This place must be the whale’s head. I thought since this was an ancient ship from the ages of god, would contain something unique or special, but unexpectedly it was rather a refined nicely with not much to say. One thing that stood out was the crystal ball on top of the desk in center of the room. Even then, it doesn’t really radiate any speciality or anything. But if you ask if I’m curious about it or not, I would say yes. That’s why I placed my hands on it despite knowing I can’t really touch it.

At that moment----

“Control ball has confirmed its contact with an astral energy pertaining it's consciousness”

A woman’s voice, suddenly rang out from the ball.

“Eh, what!? W, who is it!?”

I got surprised and searched around me, but there was no one here. But the shapeless voice, continued speaking in the room.

“Operating system is being processed to boot up….Operating system’s launch successful…..Process of system check up will start…… The ship is unable to move due to insufficient energy amount”

“Wha, what is it saying?”

“Small amount of astral energy found surrounding the ship’s main body. According to the emergency maintenance command, energy absorption will be facilitated through existing energy ”

Right as the voice finished it's sentence, the surrounding magic stones emitted powerful and blinding light. The light lasted for an instant, but at the same time magic stones seems to have lost its luster. Did all those magic stone really just disappear?

“Absorption of Astral energy completed. Energy necessary to activate the dimension connector system has been met. The Dimension connector system will boot up. Dimension connector system, all green. Supplying energy to all the system will start.”

The voice continued on speaking with words I could hardly grasp. Of course, I have no clue as to what is happening. But,the change brought about bewildered me.

“....it's a light”

A light lit inside the room rather than an outside light like the magic stones or the sunlight. On top of it, it's lux level is unlike that of magic stone, it's as if there is a direct sunlight hitting the room.

I don’t understand much, but one thing I realized. I awakened the ship by me touching the crystal. This fact has weirdly made me feel emotional.

“All system, all green. The ship can take off at any moment”

“O, Oo, I see…. Go, good job”

I nodded in approval as i unconsciously went with the flow. Most likely, the voice I hear is a voice of the ship itself. I can at least understand this much. But, I still don’t know what to do. Is it possible for me to actually make this ship my own? If I could, than that would be a really cool thing to have but….

“However, command authority has yet to be updated. Please, make a formal documentation and registration for the ship’s captain. If there there has been no registration by 1 minute, the ship will once again enter the period of suspension. 60,59,58,57... ”

Unfortunately, the ship’s voice started saying these things.

“Suspension? Is it going back to sleep? Why...what a waste... ”

Despite saying that, it's not like a person like me who has an absolute zero knowledge about it can do anything about the situation. Even if I could, I’m currently a ghost. What am I to do after acquiring the ship, it's not like I can use it or anything, since I’m not a human. I sigh in loss.

In the next instant

“28,27…..A program has invaded the system. A video recording stored in the database will be played.”

The ship suddenly stopped counting down. And out of nowhere, a girl doned in white dress with black hair appeared in front of me. She radiates wisdom with her beautiful appearance with slender body.

“Nice to meet you, I am Toyokumo’s 35th generation captain, Isuzu Kazahaya”

“Wh, who, are you!?”

Isuzu smiled delicately while looking at me who shouted in absolute surprise.

“I have been waiting for your arrival for a long period of time”

Kaito fusions with the whale