The Educated Youth who Abandoned His Wife and Son 7
Chapter 8: The Educated Youth who Abandoned His Wife and Son 8

"Dad, did the postman send a letter recently?" Lin Dingding had some anxiety recently. Every day, when she had nothing to do, she would go back to her parental house. The college entrance examination had ended a few days ago, so it was time for getting the admission notices.

This year was the first year of the resumed college entrance examination. Many rules were still in the process of customization and exploration. The first college entrance examination had been blindly filled with volunteers before it began. The results were not publicly announced, and the final results were subject to the admission notices. For this reason, the possibility of a black operation was very high. That was why even though Lin Dingding was full of confidence in her husband, she still held a feeling of apprehension.

"Don't worry. Two admission notices already came to our village a few days ago, and the notice from the nearby village also has come from these days. If Yan Chu passes the exam, it's worth those two days of hard work." Lin Guangguo took a sip of tea and comforted his daughter.

"Team Leader Lin, you have two admission notices in your village today, one of them is from Yenching University."926 If you are/ seeing this text/ you are reading 926 from a pirated source and we would appreciate if you visit us at nobles.jp to read our content926 !

Finally, the postman's familiar shout, who arrived at the village almost every day, heard from the outside of the big headquarter courtyard. Lin Dingding had not recovered, yet Lin Guangguo grabbed his daughter and flew his steps out. His movements were sharper than those younger ones.

Lin Dingding stared at her father's back. Was this the person who just told her not to worry?

"Let me see who it is for."

Lin Guangguo grabbed the two notices in the postman's hand and looked at ones from Yenching University. The recipient clearly was Yan Chu's two characters. He jumped 10 meters high and cheered, "My son-in-law is admitted to college, the best university in the whole nation nevertheless," which attracted many villagers.

"Dad, let me take a look, quickly let me take a look."

Lin Dingding was crazily happy and ran over excitedly. After confirming that her dad had not read it wrong, her eyes rolling back, her body became soft, and she collapsed shortly.

"Dingding, Dingding."

Lin Guangguo suddenly panicked, where could he still care about the matter of his son-in-law passing a university entrance exam? He picked up his daughter and rushed to the health station at the entrance to the village.

"Dad, I heard that Dingding passed out. How is she now?"

When Yan Chu returned from school, he was stopped by a villager and told that he had been admitted to college. However, his wife was too excited to know the news. She just passed out and was sent to the health station. After he heard the news, he quickly rushed over.

"Yan Chu, you're going to be a father."

Huang Ruhua laughed until her face was florid, and her teeth like it were going to come out, today indeed was double happiness, ah. Not only did her son-in-law admitted to college, but also her daughter was pregnant. With a child tied, her worries reduced a lot. Yan Chu might leave his wife, but he was unable to abandon his flesh and blood.

Yan Chu somewhat became stupid for a while. Looking at his wife's flat stomach, his child was currently in there. Her little belly was very flat, could he squeeze some space when falling asleep?

Please forgive this silly father who forgot any knowledge he had learned and was at a loss to a baby who was still an embryo.

"I'm going to be a father."

Yan Chu crouched down and put his ear on his wife's stomach as if he could get close to his child this way. This experience was indeed too strange. Even if Yan Chu still felt unreal about their present life, he could not help but felt a little excited and flustered.

"Thank you, Dingding." Yan Chu looked at the girl who had matured a lot since he knew she was going to be a mother and thanked her from the bottom of his heart.

"Thanks for what? I'm your wife." Lin Dingding bit her lower lip and looked at her husband's ecstatic appearance. Her heart was sweeter than honey.

Her hand gently stroked her belly. Everything was like a dream. She felt that she currently had the best of everything in the world.

Lin Guangguo and his wife withdrew from opening the door when the young couple whispered and gave them some space. When they left, they watched the sweet couple get along with each other. Their hearts were much at ease.


Yan Chu was admitted to the best university in the country and became the most controversial topic in the village. In the beginning, many people felt that the Lin family had a bad sight to find such a useless son-in-law. Now their face was swollen, especially when Yan Chu proposed to take Lin Dingding to the capital together at the banquet. He made Lin couple become the most visionary parents in the village and let Lin Dingding become the most enviable girl.

He was able to bring his wife to enter the big city while still studying in college. Didn't it mean he was not a Chen Shimei[1]? Besides, they heard that now they did not need to pay for college, the country would give subsidies in return and could subsidize 20 to 30 a month for a person, which was much more than working on the field. After he graduated, the country would distribute the work. The university students of the best university in the country were not allowed to be cadres after graduation, ah! Old Lin's family had a sign of good fortune. How else all benefits ran towards their family?

At this time, all villagers' envy was entirely different from the obscure mockery from the past life, where the original self ran away, and Lin Dingding suffered a lot of ridicule. If it were not for the Lin family having prestige in the entire village, he was afraid the jeering was even more outrageous.

Even so, Lin Guangguo and Huang Ruhua were still angry for a long time. Lin Dingding had not found out about her pregnancy at that time. She almost lost her child because of depression. It was because of this incident that she plucked up her courage. Regardless of other people's ridicule and sarcasm, she stayed strong, lived her own life, and properly brought up her child.

In the past life, until the original self's son was admitted to Yenching University, only then she was able to quieten down the villagers regarding those old slanderous rumors. Lin Dingding's promising and filial son finally went to the capital. At that time, the Lin family's old couple also had passed away. All the interference was completely away from her.

“Little Chu, ah, this is some of the money that your mother and I saved. You, husband and wife, went to the capital, can’t do it without some money.”

Huang Ruhua was a little entangled. Her daughter was pregnant. It was reasonable for her to stay close so she could take care of her. Although her son-in-law was a capital person, she was not aware of her son-in-law's home situation. It was merely a joke if she wanted her son-in-law to take care of her daughter.

She could not let her daughter follow him. Huang Ruhua was not at ease, and must not look at her son-in-law's good behavior right now. In case he met a beautiful female student in the college and changed his heart, her daughter was too far from the village, and crying was too late.

"Dad, Mom, I can't accept this money." Yan Chu pushed the money back.

"Why can't you take it? If you still recognize us as your parents, then put the money away." Lin Guangguo was afraid that his son-in-law would not accept the money for the sake of his face, and he was unyielding and shoved the money back in.

"Your subsidy is quite a lot, but Dingding is in a special situation now. You have to eat an egg every day to make up your body. There are many places to spend money."

Lin Guangguo estimated that when his son-in-law returned to the capital, he would not return to his stepfather's home. Renting a house was another expense. The couple's life would be buckled.

"Dad, Mom, Dingding, I'm not to have the time to tell you. Previously, I received a letter from the capital. My dad has political rehabilitation and resumed his former professorship. He has some of our family confiscated properties returned. This return trip, we will live in the courtyard where I lived in my childhood. My dad doesn't know that Dingding is pregnant, but if he knows that he is going insanely happy."

Because of Yan Chu's arrival, everything was different from the previous life.

Originally, at around this time in the past world, the original self should receive the mementos sent from the farm in Gansu Province. Yan Xun did not make it to that day of political rehabilitation, which was one of the significant reasons for promoting the original self blackening.

"Your father has political rehabilitation!"

Lin Guangguo and Huang Ruhua were a little excited. They had agreed that their daughter and Yan Chu did not care about his biological father's social status. Now, his father had political rehabilitation, and it was purely something that made a good situation even better, ah.

Their in-law was a college professor. A few years ago, could they have imagined that they would become family with a college professor?

"My dad has long wanted to see Dingding. He knows that these days, thanks to you, the parents, are taking care of me. There are also Eldest Uncle, Second Uncle, and Third Uncle. My dad says that I have accumulated the blessings of three lifetimes to find such a good wife like Dingding. He also says to me in the letter that he is waiting for the New Year this year, for him and I will come back together. He must be wanted to thank you in person. By the way, I also fill the etiquette of meeting bilateral in-laws that had pulled down in passing."

Yan Chu saw his wife was uneasiness. He held her hand and said to his father-in-law.

"I'm not as good as Dad said."

Lin Dingding was still a little scared. She was afraid that her father-in-law would not like her. After listening to Yan Chu's explanation, those fear all of a sudden less than half. She felt that Big Brother Yan's father would not be a kind of terrible elder.

It was a lot easier for her to think that way, very natural to correct herself and directly call him Dad.

"The in-law is too kind, we are all a family, which doesn't matter that much."

Lin Guangguo said this in his mouth, but he did not mention one more thing in his heart. This whole year, the villagers whispering like he could not hear it. They were afraid that they would lose money instead of being paid and keeping a thankless wretch. It seemed that both in-law and son-in-law were good.

Moreover, his son-in-law just said that they would be returned to the village next year. When his daughter had already given birth to a child, he also could meet his little grandson.

Because he knew Yan Chu's father had political rehabilitation, Lin couple's original worry lessened much. The in-law was a university professor, so his salary subsidy could not be lacking. They were not afraid of him starving their daughter.

In the beginning, it was his daughter's marriage that he agreed to do something reluctantly. Now, it seemed that he picked up a great convenience. It was indeed unimaginable, ah.


In the capital railway station, people came and went. The first year from the reinstated college entrance exam was going to start their new term later in the year. The freshmen, who registered at the start of a new term, just happened to be crowded in with some friends that visited their family and friends. Yan Chu carefully guarded his pregnant wife and looked around while carrying their gifts.

It was not long before he found the man he was waiting for in the crowd.

Yan Xun held a sign, and his hands were full of sweat. He thought about what he should say when he saw his son for the first time and made a draft in his heart. When he saw his son and daughter-in-law, who came to him not far away, his mind was already blank, and all that was left was excitement.

"Ding— Starting the side mission, punishing Gao Yaqin and Jiang Cheng, also makes Jiang Donglin's reputation thoroughly discredited, the mission success reward is 300 points, failure is without reward."

The long-lost system 007 had appeared again.

"I didn't expect that you actually completed the previous side mission, the main mission has also been 80% completed, you are better than I expected."

"Yan Chu, what's wrong?"

Lin Dingding watched as her husband stood still and asked in doubt.

"I saw our dad." Yan Chu waved toward Yan Xun, who was not far away.

"Why another mission? I thought the original self had gone through his previous life and had seen through many obsessions." Yan Chu asked the system curiously in his heart.

"There are often trigger-type quests in the mission world. The original self does want to understand a lot, but it doesn't mean that he'll be willing to give up revenge on the hostile targets."

007's mechanical sound appeared in Yan Chu's mind.

"The first mission world is a novice world, so the missions are less difficult, and when you complete the novice missions, you can open the points mall. When you can use the task points you have, you can redeem anything you want. Wait until later, you'll be eager for more and more side missions."

007 quickly explained to Yan Chu, and as the one who held many jobs simultaneously, it was summoned by another host.

It appreciated Host No. 17, as compared to others, they were always troubling it. There were many problematic hosts. From the beginning of the mission to the present, he only voluntarily summoned it once and saved it a lot of trouble.

If other garbage hosts could learn from No. 17, 007 felt that it would have more time to date with 001.

It decided to train No. 17 well, and if necessary, to open a small back door, maybe he could bring it a bigger surprise.

Yan Chu felt the departure of 007, and his expression was still impeccable. He protected his pregnant wife and walked towards his father in the distance.

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