The Educated Youth who Abandoned His Wife and Son 11
Chapter 12: The Educated Youth who Abandoned His Wife and Son 12

Yan Chu said a lot of words, but he did not care about Jiang Donglin's reaction. He carried that bag of steamed bread and returned home.

Over the past few months, the main mission had reached 90%. No matter what Yan Chu did, the progress bar had not improved. Yan Chu felt that it might take another chance to achieve a full score of happiness.

As for the side mission 2, which appeared later, he was not planning on devoting his energy to the execution for the time being. He originally wanted to wait for his wife to give birth to their child and then considered how to deal with Jiang family. Unexpectedly, the plan could not catch up with the change, and the other party had come to his door first.

Yan Chu had just said very clearly that he did not have any intention of bickering with Jiang family. From then on, everyone minded their own business and no longer related to each other. In fact, from the very beginning, he had never thought of letting the family off so easily.19463 If you are/ seeing this text/ you are reading 19463 from a pirated source and we would appreciate if you visit us at nobles.jp to read our content19463 !

He knew in his heart that neither Jiang Donglin nor Jiang Cheng and Gao Yaqin behind him would let off Yan family, this big gold mine. So, if there was no accident, it would not be long before that woman came to his door.

Yan Chu’s face sank. He was not afraid of that family, but now his wife was still pregnant with a child, yet a business of flies came to the door. Although it could not hurt people, it was also annoying to hear them buzzing.

It looked like he had to figure out a way to get rid of them sooner.

Jiang Donglin watched Yan Chu leave with a dry throat, and there was a faint sweat on his back. He did not dare to stop him.

“Donglin, what that kid said was a lie, right?” A friend who came with Jiang Donglin asked him, his eyes revealing a little consideration.

“Of course, it's a lie.”

Jiang Donglin did not want to answer. He also showed a relaxed smile to make sure that he was telling the truth: “You don't know what's going on in my family. The money for buying the house was saved by my father and Aunt Gao, who worked for many years, together with some of my grandfather's legacy. It's not like what Yan Chu said at all.”

“He was probably still blaming Aunt Gao and our family, so he said these words indiscriminately to insult us. He is my younger brother, and I will forgive him no matter what.”

Jiang Donglin showed a tolerant appearance to his friends regardless of what they really thought, could only match his words on the surface. They decided to wait until they went home to inquire about Jiang family's situation.

It was not easy to hang out with him. Most of the reasons for getting along well with him were family reasons, mixed with a lot of interests. According to those conversations just now, they could see that the ex-husband of Jiang Donglin’s stepmother was not a simple person. If it were true like the young man had just said, they were afraid that two families would get into a feud.

It was not up to them to decide how to get along with the Jiang family, who had caused such big trouble out of thin air.

Jiang Dongling was in a state of panic at this time. If it was in the past, he could surely have found out the changes of his friends. But currently, he had no time to talk with them when he wanted to go home and ask his father about Yan Chu.

“I have to go home and tell Aunt Gao about Yan Chu's return. I can't make an appointment with you for the time being. Let's take another chance and go to Pectopah Mockba, my treat.”

Jiang Donglin was the eldest son of Jiang Cheng, his most respected son. He always had been generous to this son. Therefore, Jiang Donglin had no lack of money. It was also a common thing to invite guests to dinner to win over connections.

“All right, you can go back first.”

His friends smiled and waved at him, believing what Yan Chu had just said.

Jiang family had a little capable Jiang Cheng, but he was also a fixed salary earner. In recent years, the profit was also limited, not as good as before. But Jiang Donglin still could entertain guests numerous times so lavishly or went to a high-end western restaurant like Pectopah Mockba. It must be because of the unexpected wealth that Yan Chu just said, ah.

They might be assuming like this, and those friends' attitudes toward Jiang Donglin could not help become a little colder.


“Dingding, I'm back.” Yan Chu was delayed by the group of people who came with Jiang Donglin. In the past, the family had dinner at this point.

When he came back, Lin Dingding was looking at the door. She was wearing a cotton floral dress, with the skirt’s length just to her calf. She also wore a white-rice knitted jacket on her upper body. Her five-month-pregnant stomach was already obvious. The pretty girl held her belly in one hand and waved at him with a smile after seeing Yan Chu. She finally put her heart down.

“Is my daughter a good child or bad child today?” Yan Chu squatted down and asked Lin Dingding’s stomach.

“It's still outside the house.”

Even though she was already married and pregnant, Linding was still shy in the face of Yan Chu's intimate gesture. She patted Yan Chu's shoulder and let him release his grip around her waist.

“Grandma Qi, Aunt Lanhua, a stir-fried vegetable?”

Yan Chu also did not joke too much with Lin Dingding. He quickly stood up obediently and greeted some neighbors nearby.

“Yes, ah. We didn’t have good fortune like Dingding, to have a husband who is as considerate as you and helps his wife with everything.” After living together for several months, everyone around them knew that the house, which had been empty for many years, finally welcomed its master.

Especially for Grandma Qi, who had seen Yan Chu when he was born at that time, had a very good relationship with the older generation of Yan family. It was a great pleasure to see the descendants of the Yan family come back.

Most of the people who lived in this area were old relatives, and their relationship quickly warmed up. Also, everyone in Yan family was able to conduct themselves. In the neighborhood, 'you gave me a plate of fried lotus root, I gave you a plate of vegetable dumplings.' That was how feelings cultivated.

“Grandpa Qi and Brother Dazhu are busy making money for their families. Let's talk about this, who doesn't envy Grandma Qi has a husband who is willing to work like Grandpa Qi, a filial son like Brother Dazhu, and Aunt Lanhua? The silk scarf that Brother Dazhu brought back after the long run is still on your neck. You still say Brother Dazhu doesn't love people dearly. He is going to cry grievously.”

Lin Dingding was a little shy towards Yan Chu. The girls in the countryside were open-minded and generous. Also, she was spoiled by her husband and held by her father-in-law now. She had never suffered any bad things, and her ken was getting wider. Because she had a sweet mouth and could speak well, her neighbors knew that she was Yan Chu's wife when he lived in a rural community in the countryside, but nobody looked down on her just because she was a rural resident.

Grandma Qi and Aunt Lanhua were really happy to be praised by Lin Dingding. Who did not like it when their men were praised for having good prospects? They wondered if Yan Chu was too good for his wife. Now, when she talked about this, they did not think their men were worse than others.

However, each person had a scale in their mind. Between their family's two men who run long-distance trucks and Yan Chu, this college student at Yenching University, everyone also knew in their hearts who had good and wide prospects. Lin Dingding praised them just to make them happy.

“My sister-in-law's family just bought me a basket of fresh cabbages. I’ll get you some later. Dingding is pregnant and still has to eat something fresh.”

Aunt Lanhua was in a good mood now, so she generously shared half of the cabbages her sister-in-law sent.

“Thank you, ah, Aunt Lanhua. This fresh vegetable is not easy to buy now. Every time I go to the market, a lot of vegetables have been picked.”

Yan Chu was not a stingy person: “A few days ago, my dad's former student brought two pots of malted milk extract, but he doesn't like to drink those things. I can keep one for Dingding and the other one for Little Zhu. He has to drink more good supplements when he is still growing up.”

Little Zhu, in his words, was Aunt Lanhua's son. It was interesting to say that when the dad’s name was Dazhu, and he directly named his son Little Zhu, for he was too lazy to think about his name. What he did not know was the name of his brothers.

"How can this be proper?"

Aunt Lanhua rubbed her hands excitedly. Was that just a few handfuls of cabbages? A pot of malted milk extract's price was enough to buy dozens of baskets of cabbages.

“My sister-in-law's family is from the suburbs. They come to the market every week to sell fresh vegetables from their private plots. How about this? Tell me in advance about what you want to eat, and I will ask my sister-in-law to keep it for you, which also saves you the effort to buy food.”

Aunt Lanhua was also an astute person. After thinking about Yan Chu's words just now, she immediately thought about how to return to this thank-you gift of malted milk extract.

“That’s really inconvenient for Aunt Lanhua.” Yan Chu liked to talk to smart people. In fact, he could get along with his neighbors so well also because they were honest, not greedy and cheap. It was comfortable and reassuring to get along with such people.

“No problem, that's the way things go.”

Aunt Lanhua quickly waved her hand. She also knew the temperament of Yan family. When her sister-in-law delivered the vegetables, they could not rely on those dishes for money. It was actually an extra trip. At that time, she would give half the jar of malted milk extract to her sister-in-law to make sure she was more willing than anyone else.

“My husband is really amazing.”

When entering the house and closing the door, Lin Dingding said admiringly to Yan Chu. There were little stars in her eyes.

“If I am so good, then you must love me more.”

Yan Chu touched the tip of his little wife's nose and pulled up the sleeves of his sweater. The househusband was ready to make a fire for cooking. Furthermore, those steamed bread were completely cold by now, so they needed to be steamed in a basket before they could be eaten.

Lin Dingding sat at the table. She peeled the thin layer of bean sprouts and looked at Yan Chu, who was concentrated and busy in the kitchen. For a moment, she was a little silly.

How could she be blessed this much to have the best husband in the world?

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