The Educated Youth who Abandoned His Wife and Son 13
Chapter 14: The Educated Youth who Abandoned His Wife and Son 14


Warning: Domestic Violence

“Little Chu.”

In the evening, Yan Xun summoned his son to his study. He was looking at his son in front of him with some hesitation and thinking of the scene that happened during the day with concern and regret.

No matter what entanglement and hatred between the elders, it should not be implicated in the children. He hated Gao Yaqin and her adulterer. He hated that they had brought so many years of suffering to them, and even more, they had treated their precious son badly.

If it were not for his son's good luck, he had met that good girl Dingding in the countryside. It was to profit from a disaster. He also borrowed the light of his wife's parents to find a relatively relaxed teaching job. If not, Yan Xun had swallowed up the heart of Gao Yaqin alive.15853 If you are/ seeing this text/ you are reading 15853 from a pirated source and we would appreciate if you visit us at nobles.jp to read our content15853 !

He looked at the news he found. To please her stepson and had a good reputation for being kind to her stepson, even her own son could be sacrificed. He looked at what she did. It was crazy.

“What happened during the day today…”

Yan Xun did not dare to speak too frankly. After all, Gao Yaqin was still his son's biological mother. He did too much and was afraid that his son was sad and did it too lightly. He felt puzzled again and was in a dilemma for a while.

“Dad, you can rest assured that I am not sad.”

Yan Chu saw his father's entanglement at this time.

His eyes were slightly drooping, and his eyelashes shadowed by the light, which made his eyes invisible, but the haunting melancholy made the old man's heartache.

“In the past, I also envied Jiang Nancheng and Jiang Xijin. I envied her for treating them like jewels and envied her unreserved devotion to them. I often wondered, I am also her child, why does she often fail to see me? Whether I got full marks in the exam or got the bruises on my face when I fought with my classmates, her eyes were always on other people, including Jiang Donglin. They are more loved and valued by her than I am.”

Yan Chu's voice was low and hoarse, such as the eloquent way, which made Yan Xun seem to like seeing a young child. After losing his father, Yan Chu stayed alone in the corner of Jiang family's house and looked at the scene of the family's affection and self-respect. It also seemed to see that after his accident, his son, who was excluded by all, was pitifully painful.

Yan Xun's heart was gripped. Just listening to his son's short words, it made his hatred for Jiang family and Gao Yaqin more profound.

“Until I was used by her to replace Jiang Dongling and become an educated youth to send to the countryside, I suddenly understood that my mother died when I was very young. And the one who was currently alive is the mother of Jiang Nancheng and Jiang Xijin, also a good stepmother of Jiang Dongling. Now for me, my family is only my father, Dingding, and our child.”

Yan Chu raised his head, and his eyes were clear. For a moment, Yan Xun felt that his son had really laid down his mother. He completely regarded her as a stranger, even with little hatred.

“Okay, it's just our family.”

Yan Xun filled with a thousand regrets, his eyes were red, and his hands were shaking while holding Yan Chu.

He finally reassured that his son had not been reluctant to leave his biological mother. His son was too persistent in the past, and he was not reassured that he wanted to retaliate against Gao Yaqin and others.

Now it was good to cherish everything we had and to face all the hardships with open-mindedness.

Yan Xun couldn't help laughing three times. This was his son, who was better than him. As for those who owe him and his people, he as his father would retaliate for him.

Yan Chu came out of the study and walked down the corridor. He watched Side Mission 2 suddenly increase by 20%. He was satisfied with his performance just now.

In fact, he was never a generous person. On the contrary, he was stingy and strict.

At the beginning of Side Mission 2, he had a plan. If he wanted to retaliate against the Jiang family, he could not do it without Yan family's financial situation and the relationships behind them. To use these things, he could not escape his father's eyes before his wings spread.

According to Yan Chu's understanding of him, if he was too persistent in revenge, it might not be a good thing for Yan Xun.

His old father always felt that he owed his son and wanted to make up for it. He was too persistent in hatred. For the old man, it would only make him more distressed and self-reproached.

It was not only love but also hatred that cut deeply, to some extent. If Yan Chu wanted to retaliate against Gao Yaqin, it was not because he had too much memory of this mother.

So he gave his old father some direction of Jiang family's investigation in his daily life obscurely and showed his indifferent attitude towards that family at the same time.

He knew in his heart that no matter what he thought, his old father, Jiang family, and Gao Yaqin were a hopeless situation. No matter how good he was, he couldn't let go of a man who had harmed himself for ten years and treated his son unfairly. Yan Chu only added fire to make his old father not forget to add his own share when he started.

“Dad, what can I do for you?”

When Yan Chu returned to his room, Lin Dingding was already in bed with the bedside lamp turned on and a book in her hand.

The book opened on the first page when her father-in-law called her husband away, she was worried. After all, an unexpected visitor came to their home today. She was worried if that person’s appearance would affect the mood of her husband and father-in-law. She was not in the mood to read at all.

“Dad gave several names for our daughter, let me go to the counselor, okay?”

Those annoying people and things, Yan Chu from beginning to end did not have any desire to let Lin Dingding know. She was still pregnant with a baby, in the case she was distressed, that was two people's trouble.

“Before the baby is born, you are a daughter. If we find out the baby is a son, we won't complain about you.”

Lin Dingding's temperament was simple. She did not think that her husband was deceiving her. She thought about the beautiful name they had given to their daughter, and if it was given to a boy, how funny it was.

“Our child must love Mom and Dad the most. How can they blame me?”

Yan Chu gently rested his head on Lin Dingding's stomach: “In a few days, let's call home and pick up father-in-law and mother-in-law to the capital, okay? When you have a baby, they have to be there. Especially for some months, my father and I don't thoroughly understand what happened on puerperium, and you have to be helped by mother-in-law.”


Lin Dingding was delighted and put the book in her hand aside. These days, her life was happy, and the only unhappy thing was she had been away from home for several months and could not see her parents.

It was only when she became a mother that she found it difficult for her parents. As her stomach grew bigger and bigger, Lin Dingding missed her parents even more. But these words were not good for her to say in front of her husband. It was unexpected that Yan Chu put forward this matter one step before her, which made her emotionally moved.

“My dad is still the team leader. He may not have time to come.” Lin Dingding was somewhat lost. Would her mother come over if her dad did not come?

“Then make a phone call and ask, if the father-in-law really can't get away from it, let Big Brother come over with Mother-in-law. Thanks to their help in those days, I don't dislike my useless brothers-in-law, and then buy more thank-you gifts, also the share of Uncle, Second Uncle, and Third Uncle.”

Yan Chu said these words were also Yan Xun's purpose. He had always wanted to thank those family members and relatives of his daughter-in-law, thank them for their support and help for his son in those years.

“Yan Chu, it's very kind of you.”

Lin Dingding, with red-rimmed eyes, nestled Yan Chu's arm. Her head on his shoulder and whispered to him.

No woman did not like her husband to take his close relatives seriously, including Lin Dingding.

The couple was warm-hearted, but the situation in Jiang family on the other side was terrible.

“How was your visit to Yan family's house today?”

When Gao Yaqin returned home in a panic, she saw that Jiang Cheng did not go to work as usual but sat in the living room at home, blew cigarettes.

“Why didn't you turn on the light at home?”

Gao Yaqin frowned and fanned her nose. She did not like Jiang Cheng smoking too much. These years, he was very considerate of her and seldom smoked at home. But today, he made a mistake again.

The room was full of smoke, just how long he was smoking?

She turned the switch on in the living room and saw Jiang Cheng’s appearance. She was shocked.

“What happened to you? Who hit you?” Jiang Cheng's face was blue and purple. His clothes were in disorder. The table in front of him and the sofa covered with cigarette butts, he looked battered and exhausted.

When had Gao Yaqin seen Jiang Cheng’s appearance like this?

“I ask you. How are Yan family's circumstances when you are visiting!”

Jiang Cheng was originally sitting quietly on the sofa, but after listening to Gao Yaqin's endless chatter, he immediately burst into a rage. He slapped the table in front of him and roared.

“You scared me.”

Gao Yaqin could not believe it and pointed at the man in front of her.

“Damn it!” Jiang Cheng kicked the table in front of him fiercely. He kicked it directly, and it hit the opposite wall, making a violent crash sound. Gao Yaqin jumped up in horror. Her hands that on her chest could not help but tremble.

“Jiang Cheng, Jiang Cheng, what happened to you?” Gao Yaqin swallowed her saliva and felt that this red-eyed man, who seemed to want to eat people, was totally different from the man she remembered as an overbearing and masculine man. This Jiang Cheng frightened her.

“Yan Xun, he seemed to know that I had written a letter to report him. He also suspected that Nancheng and Xijin were our adulterous pregnancy, not premature infants.”

In the face of such a Jiang Cheng, Gao Yaqin did not dare to hide anything and told all about what happened during the day.

“Is it him? Is he making people beat you?” She seemed to want to understand what had happened to Jiang Cheng. She hurried to Jiang Cheng and looked at the wounds on his face. It was hard to hide her heartache: “Let's call the police at once, arrest him, and send him to reform. By then, not only all of the Yan family's things will be ours, but also we don’t have to worry about being afraid.”

“Do you think Yan Xun is a fool to leave such big evidence for you to deal with him?” Jiang Cheng looked at the woman in front of him as if he were looking at a fool.

Listening to his wife's words just now, Jiang Cheng could not help regretting that she should not have given birth to the babies in her stomach since the beginning. In fact, he already had an excellent eldest son, and whether he was born later or not, it did not matter. Instead, he had ready-made evidence.

“I was dismissed. Someone reported that I had offered and accepted bribes. Someone will come to investigate it immediately.”

Jiang Cheng seemed to have lost all his strength. He sat on the sofa with his hands over his face and could not hide his decadence.

“How could this happen? It was Yan Xun. He came back to retaliate.”

Gao Yaqin's feet became soft. She precisely knew what Jiang Cheng had done these years. Listening to Jiang Cheng's tone, it seemed that this trouble was not small. It was not a joke.

If they found out what they had collected over the years, they would go to jail.

“Are you trying to find a way out, ah?”

Gao Yaqin asked while tugging at Jiang Cheng's sleeve.

“Can I stay here if I can? Now the people above have heard the rumor, who is not avoiding me? The money Yan Xun gave at the beginning has spent almost all on bribing the top and bottom these years, plus your extravagant and wasteful expenses with your children, there is still as much as left for my activities.”

Jiang Cheng had a headache when he thought about the clothes in Gao Yaqin's cabinet and the bottles and jars on the dressing table. As a matter of fact, the virtuous wife and husband had a little disaster[1]. He should not have been with her in the first place.

“What do you mean? Who do you call my son and daughter? Aren't Nancheng and Xijin, your children?” Gao Yaqin stared at his indifferent husband as if he had never known her before.

“Dad, Mom, how come there's such a strong smell of smoke at home, ah?”

Jiang family's little daughter and little son came in carrying their school bags, they asked and complained about the choking smell of smoke.

“Mom, Wang Juan of our class bought a super beautiful new dress, which was bought in a newly opened department store. She was showing off in front of me all day today. Her face and the waist of that water bucket dare to show up in front of me. I don't care. I want to buy it, too. Would you like to take me shopping when the holidays are over?”

Jiang Nancheng was a little girl who loved dressing up. She was eleven years old. She had a slender, elegant, and beautiful appearance, also good grades, and was the pride of Gao Yaqin.

“Mom, I take a liking to a pair of running shoes. You bought clothes for Little Sister and a pair of shoes for me.”

Jiang Xijin was also neatly demanding: “And this month, we've run out of pocket money, give me another fifty. I told my classmates that I invited them for soda tomorrow.”

Jiang family’s siblings never worry about money. They knew that they had a lot of money at home, so there was no shortage of them.

“Look at the good children you've taught, the situation at home is already like this and they are still thinking about buying, buying, and buying. I presume the whole family will die from cold and hunger.”

Jiang Cheng felt only a headache, he suddenly stood up and pushed a pair of children away.


Jiang Nancheng and Jiang Xijin were staring at each other. They opened their mouths, but they did not know what to say, and they could not figure out why their dad was doing this to them.

“Jiang Cheng, what do you mean? You know that box of gold was given to me by Yan Xun, I can spend it as much as I want. But for you and your good son, are you qualified to spend this money? I love you, so I think about it for you, give money to your activities, buy you a house, but what does Jiang Donglin count? I've had enough of him spending my money on the outside these years, but what's wrong with my children's spending a few dollars now? Aren't they, your children?”

Gao Yaqin was also on fire. Today, she was very angry at Yan family's house during the day. She was not happy at all. Jiang Cheng also treated her like this, which made Gao Yaqin feel a little cold.

“Is that what Yan Xun gave you? Naturally, it was left to his son Yan Chu by him. Look at what you did. To prove that Nancheng and Xijin are premature births, not adulterous children, you secretly sent that child to the Yan family’s old house, and then pretended that the child wasn't sensible. Did you ever think about Yan Chu, who left in the old house for a day and a night when you were angry with him? Well, if it wasn't for your own use, you thought I wanted to lie in bed with you, a poisonous woman who could even lay her hands on her own flesh and blood.”

“Jiang Cheng!”

Gao Yaqin listened to Jiang Cheng's ridicule and looked at her children's astonished and confused eyes. She immediately screamed and rushed to Jiang Cheng with a wave of her hand.

Jiang Cheng was not a passive beater either. Soon, in front of a pair of their most precious children in former days, the model couple, who was praised by everyone, fought together.

When Jiang Donglin came back, the furniture in the house was all smashed up. His younger brother and younger sister huddled in the corner. His father sat paralyzed on the ground. As for his stepmother, she fell beside the museum shelf and was motionless. There was a pool of blood behind her, and it already solidified.

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