The Educated Youth who Abandoned His Wife and Son 14
Chapter 15: The Educated Youth who Abandoned His Wife and Son 15

Gao Yaqin was lucky, even though she bled so much, her life was finally saved.

She and Jiang Cheng made a lot of commotion that day. When they started smashing things, they attracted all the neighbors. It was just housework for a married couple to quarrel with each other. It was hard for others to get involved until Jiang Donglin came home, they followed him and looked quietly into Jiang family's room.

It was at this moment they saw Gao Yaqin lying in a pool of blood and a messy living room. At this time, Jiang Donglin thought it was too late to close the door again. The neighbors rushed up and pushed him away. Human life was beyond value. A group of people rushed Gao Yaqin to a nearby hospital and barely saved her life.

At that time, many people saw the situation inside the house. Even if Jiang Cheng wanted to say that Gao Yaqin had fallen and injured herself, no one would believe it. Also, Jiang Nancheng and Jiang Xijin were already frightened to death, so many words were put forward. Before Gao Yaqin woke up, Jiang Cheng was taken away by the police.9174 If you are/ seeing this text/ you are reading 9174 from a pirated source and we would appreciate if you visit us at nobles.jp to read our content9174 !

There was not any doubt that Gao Yaqin loved Jiang Cheng, but she loved her life more. When she woke up, she knew that after she fell into the museum shelf, Jiang Cheng watched her bleeding yet did not send her to the hospital for treatment. At that moment, she chilled. The first thing she did when woken up was to divorce Jiang Cheng and asked for the custody of a couple of her children and most of the property in their family.

Unfortunately, misfortunes never come singly, and they could not divorce for the time being. Gao Yaqin was not discharged from the hospital, but she was isolated and investigated by the Discipline Inspection Division. Some practices of taking bribes and bending the law that Jiang Cheng had done in those years were exposed, and there were also many shadows of Gao Yaqin’s participation. She was not firm-minded, seriously wounded, and the enormous pressure exerted by the Discipline Inspection Division, she could not resist it after all and brought up all the things that she had done in those years.

The two people’s civil services canceled. Jiang Cheng sentenced to 30 years for bribery. Gao Yaqin was better than him. She was finally sentenced to 10 years for jointly participating in the sale of stolen goods.

As for Jiang family's property and some savings, it was confiscated, including the small number of gold bars that Yan Xun gave Gao Yaqin at that time. He did not claim the property. After all, it took too long, and there was not enough evidence to prove that was his. Yan Xun's goal was already achieved as long as those finances no longer belonged to Jiang family.

She was nearly 40 years old and would come out ten years later. She had no job and savings, as one could well imagine what kind of life awaited her.

Family’s social status was very important for a person in the past seven or eight years, including for college students.

Jiang Cheng loved Jiang Dongling most. Even if he pleaded guilty, he also tried to get Jiang Donglin out of everything, but Gao Yaqin was not that kind. In the beginning, she was good at Jiang Dongling. Besides pleasing Jiang Cheng, she also had the intention of restoring her reputation. After all, when Yan Xun was in trouble, she immediately divorced him. In most people’s eyes, she was a desperate woman who could be together in riches and honor but could not in trials and hardships. After remarrying, she urgently needed a good reputation to help to get rid of her bad reputation left by her previous marriage.

Now she was going to jail, of course, she did not want to not say anything about Jiang Donglin’s participation, she strove for commutation of her sentence to leave prison early.

Gao Yaqin had not suffered much in her life. Even when Gao family declined in her childhood, in most unfortunate occurrences, she was still a homeworker. She did not criticize harshly for eating and wearing. After she married his family, she lived a good life with less grandmother. Even after she was divorced, she had rich gold bars, and her days were still rich.

For her, the prison was similar to hell. She could not stand rough prison clothes, food mixed with bran, even intolerable with more than a dozen people in a big room and a life in which she could not take a bath for more than ten or twenty days. For this reason, she racked her brains to fight for commutation. Jiang Dongling was the first person she bit out, but definitely not the last one.

In the end, Jiang Dongling was sentenced to two years of imprisonment. Because of insufficient evidence, he could not continue his college, and it left a very serious stain. His future was almost dark.

The only ones who escaped were Jiang Nancheng and Jiang Xijin, two siblings. There were some distant relatives left in Jiang family and Gao family, but no one willing to support this spoiled young lady and noble son. Finally, they were sent to the Child Care Institution. They were only thirteen years old. The Child Care Institution could guarantee their lives before they were sixteen years old, but after that, they had to rely on themselves.

Yan Chu did not expect everything to go so smoothly. Sure, there were reasons for his father's intervention, but the end of Jiang family's dogfight was beyond Yan Chu's imagination.

He remembered what 007 said at the beginning, and there might be reasons why the novice world’s missions were less difficult.

For him currently, Jiang family was a thing of the past, now he was standing outside the delivery room, anxiously pacing back and forth.

“Little Chu ah, you can rest assured that even a woman’s first birth is not fast, Dingding's body is well-nourished, there will be nothing wrong.”

Said Huang Ruhua to her son-in-law. She was really glad that she had not prevented her daughter from marrying him. Otherwise, she would go somewhere else to find a son-in-law with a good family and good character.

One month before Lin Dingding gave birth, Huang Ruhua came to the capital with Lin Guangguo and her eldest son Lin Dingnan, and now lived in Yan family's house. After all, Lin Guangguo was the production team’s leader, and he could not take a long vacation. After staying in the capital for a week, he and his eldest son returned home with gifts and bags. As for Huang Ruhua, she stayed in the capital. She had to wait for her daughter during the postpartum confinement and saw what happened before she went back.

“Father-in-law, you too. Take a seat, okay?”

Huang Ruhua was very respectful of her son-in-law’s father. He was a university professor, before that, a graduate student who taught talented people. The most powerful person she had ever met was the director of the commune. Now Yan Xun ranked first among the most powerful people in her heart.

“It's all right, Mother-in-law. Currently, I can't sit down either, ah.”

Yan Xun was a little nervous. His daughter-in-law was giving birth to his grandchild inside. He missed his son’s growth. This time, he hoped that he could participate in the growth of his grandchild.


Across the thin door panels of the delivery room came a baby's loud cry. Now not to mention Yan Chu and Yan Xun, even Huang Ruhua, who was very calm at the beginning, could not help but get excited. Three people surrounded the door of the delivery room and waited for the nurse to carry the baby out.

“It's a boy. The nurse will hold the baby for basic examination, cleaning, and weighing later.”

A little nurse with a mask came out with a child wrapped tightly. The hair of the newborn was thick enough. Because the amniotic fluid was not dry yet, the wet strands were sticking to his head. His skin was wrinkled and looked like a little old man. But in her eyes, there was not any better-looking child in the world.

Was this how it felt to be a father?

Yan Chu looked at a small soft lump. Apparently, he still did not believe that he had a two-palm-sized child. He did not dare touch him at all.

“Nurse, how is my wife?”

Yan Chu did not forget the child’s mother and asked nervously the nurse who was holding the child.

Huang Ruhua was somewhat more satisfied with this son-in-law. All men valued their children. When she gave birth to Dingnan, everyone always went around the child after she gave birth. When they saw the child enough, only then they remembered her, this pregnant woman. If Huang Ruhua had any dissatisfaction with Lin Guangguo in her life, it was in this case.

But what could be done? The men in the village were all like this. If you said you were not happy, people would dislike you for being unreasonable, why were you jealous of your own children?

Yan Chu’s unconscious practice added another point to his mother-in-law’s satisfaction with him and also got regarded with special respect from the little nurse.

Since the one-child policy came out, the most nurses in the maternity ward had experienced being surrounded by a group of people around the children, either male or female, even relatives of the women’s side were the same.

If the baby was a girl, most people would be disappointed and disperse, even the children were too lazy to see. If the baby was a boy, they would be ecstatic and surrounding the baby boy, looking at what kind of baby he was, leaving the newly recuperating woman aside.

The first reaction to ask the recuperating woman like Yan Chu, the little nurse not seen much.

“There's nothing wrong with the recuperating woman. She is just resting after giving birth and has gone to sleep for a while. She'll wake up and come out to be sent to the ward in a moment. You can either wait here or go to the ward.” The little nurse finished speaking and took the baby back into the delivery room.

When Lin Dingding woke up again, her husband sat on the edge of her bed. On the other side of her, there was a sweet-smelling pink little monkey who finished a bath, eyes closed, and sleeping soundly.

“Dingding, this is our child.”

Yan Chu picked up his freshly born son and brought him to Lin Dingding. Before that, he helped her with a few pillows behind her so that she could sit up.

“He is so small and red.”

The custom of Lin Dingding’s hometown, which the unmarried girls were unable to enter the delivery room or contact the child who was not one month old. Therefore, most of the children she saw were children who had broken away from the wrinkled little old man-like at birth, and their skin was not as red as it was now.

“All the new-born children are like this. Our son is very handsome.”

Yan Chu did not know how high his son ranked in the baby world, but in his eyes, he was absolutely the most handsome.

Lin Dingding was Yan Chu’s fangirl, ah! This had become more and more obvious after marriage. Although she felt her son’s appearance seemed not as good as her husband said, she still unconditionally had chosen to accept it.

There was saying wisdom in the hold, elegance in the mold. Lin Dingding believed that there was a father like Big Brother Yan, even if the child was not good-looking, he could attract the eyes of many girls with his inner beauty. There was no need to worry about finding a daughter-in-law.

“That’s nice.”

Lin Dingding cautiously hugged her son, who was sleeping soundly and looked at her tender-eyed husband. For a moment, the feeling of happiness filled her whole heart.

“Ding—The completion of the main mission is 100%, the novice world mission is all over.”

With the sound of 007, Yan Chu's mind suddenly broke away from his body. According to his current perspective, he was floating in mid-air, and could clearly see the scene in the room. That Yan Chu was holding his wife and son's hand. From beginning to end, his consciousness separated from the body, and no one seemed to be aware of this.

“You’re better than I thought, but it's just a novice’s world, and it’s going to be the least difficult world you’ve ever experienced. Now you have the option to stay in the world until the end of your life, or you can also choose to end the mission and leave a copy, he will inherit all your thoughts and emotions, the equivalent of a fully cloned you.”

007 appeared from mid-air. To be honest, it was very curious about Yan Chu. He was not the same as the hosts who had done similar tasks before. Without exception, they chose the means of revenge, which were extremely cruel and extreme. But Yan Chu was in a clear-headed state from beginning to end, as if the original self’s general emotions did not affect him.

He was too calm, and this calmness made 007 surprised. He seemed to be able to isolate himself from the original self’s emotions. In the beginning, the original self’s emotions killed so many excellent host’s state of mind. But it did not seem to have a big impact on him.

Perhaps it could expect something, its Host No. 17, could go a long way.

“What kind of price would it take to stay in this world?” Yan Chu looked at the smiling girl who was currently lying in bed, as well as that pink wrinkled child, and asked with an indistinguishable look.

“By deducting 100 points, you can stay in the mission world until the end of your life.”

“Then, I choose to stay.”

Yan Chu smiled. It was his first time to be a husband and a father, so he wanted to stay.


007’s mechanical eyes took a deep look at Yan Chu. The next second, Yan Chu felt his soul swayed and returned to his body.

Feeling the warm touch in his hand, Yan Chu thought. He did not know if he was going to have a different attitude to family love after he was going to go through a whole world of missions. But at least at this moment, he really owned and cherished it.


In his first mission world, Yan Chu lived until 77 years old. In the year that Lin Dingding passed away, he returned to the small village where they met, and on the third day, he completely separated from the world.

“Yan Chu, let's divorce.”

It was the second world of his mission. It was more difficult than the novice world. He heard a tired and trembling female voice before he had time to accept the plot and the original memory.

Yan Chu looked at the woman in loose pajamas in front of his eyes, he helplessly nested on the sofa and looked at a particularly thin woman. He silent for a moment and responded coldly.


The woman was stunned for a moment. Her eyes were watery, and she seemed to want to make a smiling expression. It seemed to be liberated, like a heartbreak. She bit her lower lip, getting up and leaving.

From beginning to end, Yan Chu sat in his seat and watched the woman disappear on the stairs leading to the second floor.

Until that person walked away, he closed his eyes and began to absorb the memory of the original self. After reading the general direction of the world and understanding the mission requirements of the client, as calm as Yan Chu, he could not help but spit out a "fuck."

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