The Educated Youth who Abandoned His Wife and Son 15
Chapter 16: The Hidden Marriage of the Scum Film Emperor 1

The client of this world was something special. It was Husky.

“Arf arf arf arf—”

Yan Chu immersed himself in the space of consciousness and looked at a standard evil charm, wild yet upright black-eyelined Husky in front of him. He thought he might need to hire a dog language translator.

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Yan Aotian, who could not understand Yan Chu's thoughts, vomited all its wishes. It was spitting out its tongue and staring at him again, which disappeared soon in its head.

“Ding, the main mission, made Yu Xinyan happy, reward 800 points for accomplishing the mission and locked up in the small Dark Room for 100 years for failure. The side mission, to punish Yu Xintong and Chu Tianhe, then drove them out of the entertainment circle, reward 600 points for accomplishing the mission and locked up in the small Dark Room for 50 years for failure.”

System prompt sounded on, according to the rising mission points and failure punishments, Yan Chu also felt this world’s mission was more difficult.

“The accumulative points from the novice world is 1100 points, 100 points deducted from staying in the novice world, and remaining 1000 points. Now opening the points mall.”

007, who was very fond of appearing and disappearing unpredictably, emerging in Yan Chu’s mind after he had absorbed the memory of the world.

“There are only five items on the shelf in the points mall. The commodities on the shop shelf are replaced at 10 o’clock every day. The points required for the commodities are determined by the mall, and Host can purchase them selectively. To conform to the trend, the mall allows installment payment, but the interest is comparable to usury. If the borrowed points are not returned on time, the consequences are terrible. I don’t mind Host consuming ahead of time. Host can explore the remaining functionality of the mall by yourself. If even a fool can not operate it, I think the host can, he he he.”

007 left a series of sneers and disappeared rapidly.

Yan Chu broke away from the sea of knowledge after 007 disappeared. The man who was lying on the sofa in the living room of the villa also restored his sober and calm state.

He looked around the living room and found a large dog’s kennel near the dining room, but there was no dog in it. Looking back, the client of the mission, that insolent arrogance, and dazzling Husky Yan Aotian, should be on the second floor with its owner.

This mission world was equivalent to the parallel world of his era. The original Yan Chu was an actor, more accurately, a three-crowned Film Emperor.

The Golden Phoenix, Thousand Flowers, and Golden Resembling Awards were the highest awards for Chinese actors in this world, and the original self was also the youngest actor in China who won the Grand Slam of Film Emperor three times.

When he was 23 years old, he was excavated by star scouts. He was not young for the entertainment circle, but he was very talented. He had a unique appearance and exquisite acting skills. When he took his first idol drama, he took advantage of the virtue of infatuated man and became popular overnight, winning countless younger sisters-fans. Since then, his acting career became irremediable. In the third year, he had reached the top of the entertainment circle ranks, as long as he participated in the TV series, it became popular.

With him approaching 30, Yan Chu began trying to transform. In his first film with Director Lin, one of China’s top directors, he played an undercover anti-drug policeman, at the end of the tragedy, he earned a lot of tears. With his impeccable acting skill in the film, as well as the professionalism of the so-called blasting drama without any stuntman, he was unanimously recognized both inside and outside the industry. After he won the first Golden Phoenix Film Emperor in his life with this film, Yan Chu thoroughly opened up the road to the power of acting skill.

Now Yan Chu was 35 years old. This was the best age for a powerful actor. It was not too old for him to be an idol. After all, even at this period, his attractiveness index still could hang up and beat many male teen idols. Even because of the increase of his age, he had accumulated more years of experience. Just like good wine, the longer the wine lasts, the more rich and mellow it would be.

The most comments on his Weibo and Facebook were, Adonis, I want to have a baby with you; Sleeps with me, Adonis; or something like that. This Adonis was particularly already in the circle for more than ten years. Except for some love affairs, which could be seen at a glance, there was no scandal. For all girlfriend fans and career fans, nothing was more reassuring than such a clean and self-contained Adonis.

But as Adonis grew older, his fans began to mature, and some of them started to worry about Adonis' marriage, but they did not even know that the man they claimed to be single had long been married.

Yu Xinyan, the woman who proposed divorce to Yan Chu as soon as he came to this world, had been married to him for 12 years. During this period, she had been the silent woman behind Yan Chu. Because of the original self’s career, besides her mother, she was unable to talk to her family and friends about the original self’s existence. In one year, she had endured the loneliness of a married couple’s separation for nearly eleven months. He always told her to wait, saying that when he took off his idol hat, he would open-heartedly announce her existence with his fans. Yu Xinyan loved him, so she chose to believe him.

Unfortunately, she did not even wait until the original self put on a hat of the Film Emperor three times. Even now, she found that her husband’s heart no longer belongs to her. The only time she spent together with her husband, the most mentioned in her husband’s mouth was her half-sister, Yu Xintong, who was eight years younger than her, and a new promoted female teen idol in the entertainment circle who was still in her youth.

Yu Xinyan was tired and chose to give up. She did not want to lose herself even if she was very ugly. Hence she took the initiative to divorce and cautiously saved her face. At the same time, she did not want to make a fuss to end it. The reality told her that all the years she had given and that sincerity, were just jokes.

The crystal lamp in the living room was magnificent. Yan Chu silently watches the LCD TV in silence. Yu Xinyan was the object of his mission this time.

Yan Aotian, the client of this mission, was the original self’s dog, but he was too busy to take care of it. Regularly, more of it was taken care of by this hostess, Xinyan. So in Yan Aotian’s heart, Xinyan was its mother. As for the original self, it estimated that he was the unscrupulous father who was responsible for giving birth but not for raising them.

Yan Chu thought, when he was in the sea of knowledge, Yan Aotian howled at him, probably scolded him.

According to the direction of the world, the outcome of the original self was not too good. Yu Xinyan's anticipation was not wrong. At this point, the original self and her half-sister had begun to have ambiguous feelings, but he did not know that Yu Xintong approached him, in addition to the habitual robbery of all things that suddenly emerged from her half-sister, there was also a desire to use the original self’s status in the entertainment circle, to protect and develop her road of acting.

From beginning to end, Yan Chu was Yu Xintong's stepping stone. She liked the newly-promoted actor from the same commercial company with the original self. At the beginning of his debut, he was called Little Yan Chu, and that man was Chu Tianhe, who he needed to deal with in the side mission.

Supported by the original self’s resources, Yu Xintong got a quick promotion in her career. When the original self was preparing his confession to Yu Xintong and planned to divorce Yu Xinyan, Yu Xintong exposed his secret marriage scandal. Before the brokerage company could respond, the police came to the company to take away the original self, who was still discussing with his broker, because of hiding and using drugs.

This scandal was even more deadly than the secret marriage. It was unexpected. He had never touched those things before. Why did he have a positive urine test and found up to five kilograms of drugs in his flat?

When he got his first Film Emperor of the movie, he played the undercover anti-drug policeman and even lost his life in the end because of fighting with drug dealers. At this time, he was exposed to the scandal of hiding and using drugs, which could be said to be fatal. Also, his reputation as an anti-drug ambassador made him a joke.

At the time of his temporary detention, a dozen more actresses came forward to criticize him about unwritten rules and pervert. It was his worst sense of audience at that time. No one suspected those actresses were lying while the original self’s circle of friends did not come out to speak for him. The brokerage company also intended to give up this former Film Emperor and cultivated a new person. That new person was also known as Little Yan Chu, Chu Tianhe.

No, because of the original self’s scandal, he no longer used Little Yan Chu as his title. At that time, he was the hottest new star. On the day he won his first Best Actor, on his Weibo, he disclosed his relationship with the currently popular female teen idol, Yu Xintong. Compared with him, the original self’s hidden marriage for more than ten years was more disgusting.

In the end, Chu Tianhe and Yu Xintong lived together happily and lovingly and became famous model couples in the circle. The original self did not know when Yu Xintong secretly injected him with excessive drugs. The drugs made him completely addicted and currently in abstinence. The process of abstaining from drugs was not simple. If his willpower was weak, the probability of relapse was very high.

At that time, the original self’s name was notorious, and the huge gap made him depressed. After a doubtful point of hiding drugs cleared, he was released. The original self almost lived in the cycle of abstinence, relapsed, abstinence, and relapse.

Finally, Yu Xinyan, the woman who was betrayed by him, took him to sell all his real estate, emigrated from China and went to a country where no one knew them. The country had beautiful scenery, and the local residents were enthusiastic. In their lifetime, neither of them ever set foot on the land of China.

Yu Xinyan did not choose to remarry with the original self, nor did she choose to marry other people. At that time, things were more in a kind of responsibility and sympathy for the original self.

Yan Aotian accompanied them through its short life span of more than ten years. Until the end of its dog's life, he paid for his soul, hoping that someone could not only prevent the tragedy but also really give Yu Xinyan happiness. She was a good woman, should not be let down like that.

Yan Chu looked up at the sky. Just now, they seemed to have decided to divorce, ah.

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