The Hidden Marriage of the Scum Film Emperor 1
Chapter 17: The Hidden Marriage of the Scum Film Emperor 2

“Xinyan, why did you think of asking me out to go shopping today?”

Long Moqi rushed to sit by the window, unconsciously stirring the coffee cup in front of her and waved her hand to Yu Xinyan, and quickly walked toward her with 10 cm high heels.

“Since you got married, it’s getting harder to ask you out. You rarely take the initiative to ask me out.”

Now it was midsummer, just getting off the car from the parking lot to the mall made her hot enough. Watching Yu Xinyan order her favorite iced coffee early, Long Moqi cheered and took a quick sip.216 If you are/ seeing this text/ you are reading 216 from a pirated source and we would appreciate if you visit us at nobles.jp to read our content216 !

“Why? Is your family’s Adonis has been busy filming recently and can’t go home?”

Long Moqi was the only person who knew about her marriage to Yan Chu beside Yu Xinyan’s mother. She was not optimistic about their relationship, but she could not say much about emotional matters, even to her best friend.

She looked at the quiet and elegant woman opposite her. Time treated her very well. Her fair and delicate skin, elegant and gentle eyebrows, and her every move was like a lady coming out of an ancient painting. This was closely related to Yu Xinyan's mother, who was called Guzheng. She was very strict about Xinyan's behavior and discipline since childhood. The Four Arts, like cultivating the ancient young lady of the influential family in general.

The most extraordinary thing Yu Xinyan did was to take part in a TV series audition without telling her mother at the age of 21 and in that play. She met the newcomer Yan Chu at that time, and secretly got a marriage license with him.

“Moqi, I am divorced. I set myself free.”

Yu Xinyan’s voice was just like her appearance. It was very gentle and no aggression, making people feel very comfortable.

She thought about the divorce certificate lying in her small bag at the moment. She should be happy, but she could not say how sad she was. In twelve years, how much energy she spent lavishly in those twelve years?

Yu Xinyan’s eyes filled with mist. She smiled at Long Moqi, but it was uglier than crying.

“What's the matter? Is Yan Chu, that bastard, started liking a hussy? You sacrificed so much for him, and that's how he treated you?”

Long Moqi slapped the table and stood up, she went around and pulled Yu Xinyan to look for Yan Chu to argue.

Fortunately, there were few people in this mall at this point, and they chose the coffee shop’s most hidden corner. Even if someone heard Yan Chu’s name, they would only think that they just had the same name.

“It was on my own initiative.”

Yu Xinyan held on to Long Moqi. She hoped Yan Chu would refuse when she proposed divorce. But he agreed, even on the next day after she proposed divorce, he let his private lawyer draw up a divorce agreement. He gave her all his properties and family savings. He chose to leave a marriage with nothing.

However, Yan Chu was the most popular powerful star in China. Naturally, his remuneration was sky-high. His various endorsements, business performances, and other activities could not be overestimated. He even ranked first in the Chinese actors' income chart for five consecutive years.

So after a divorce, Yu Xinyan suddenly became a one-billion-assets wealthy woman. In the eyes of others, she should be very happy. Yu Xinyan did not know why, but she wanted to cry.

He gave everything to her. Why? Did he really like her half-sister, Yu Xintong? Was all this just the compensation for his guilt?

Yu Xinyan did not want to let her imagination run wild, but now she could not calm down.


Long Moqi did not know what to say when she listened to her friend's words. Obviously, she was not optimistic about this marriage either, but her best friend really divorced with Yan Chu. Looking at her appearance like this, she felt upset.

“How do you divide properties? How can you say that you have spent twelve years of your best youth on him, and can't afford him so much?"

“He gave me everything.” Yu Xinyan pursed up her lips. In front of her friends, she did not tell her intuitive guess.

“He has a little conscience.”

Long Moqi was silent for a moment, murmuring. Looking at her best friend’s depressed appearance, she felt that she could no longer add negative emotions to Xinyan. At this time, what she should have done was pull Yu Xinyan out of this unhappy memory.

“The truth will come to light sooner or later, now that you are a rich woman, let's go shopping and get rid of the rotten bad luck on you."

Long Moqi was not short of money, she also ran a small fashion clothing store herself, so there was no shortage of money at all. She said that because she wanted to cheer Yu Xinyan up. As long as she was a woman, she could not escape the magic of shopping. Didn’t that mean it could treat all kinds of diseases? If one bag was not enough, there would be ten. At that time, she would go to another store, pull her to have fun, and look at some handsome foreign guys, to wash their eyes. Maybe Xinyan would forget that heartless man.

Yu Xinyan was not in the mood of shopping, but today she came out with Long Moqi. Listening to her, she reluctantly laughed. She put down her small spoon of stirring coffee, took the bag beside her, and followed her outside.

“Waaa, Yan Chu, he is so handsome and charming, ah, aaaah!”

When they left the cafe, they happened to pass an LCD TV shop. Why did a group of dressed-up young girls surrounded the glass window and watched the live program broadcasted inside while screamed in a low voice?

“Also, Yu Xintong is so beautiful, nice, and gentle. I heard that she plays as Yan Chu’s white moonlight[1] in this drama. Although she is dead at the end, she lets Yan Chu remember her for his whole life. Even the female lead can’t replace her position in Yan Chu’s heart. It’s so romantic. If Yan Chu can like me in real life, I’d like to die too.”

The one who spoke was obviously Yan Chu's fangirl, looking at her starry-eyed infatuation while holding both her hands in a fist and putting it on her chest, sort of a girlfriend fan.


Long Moqi pushed her in embarrassment, but Yu Xinyan's eyes were completely glued to the TV screen, looking at the familiar man, unable to snap back for a long time.


Yan Chu’s program today was a variety show called Star Live Studio. As the name suggested, this program broadcasted live all the way, and there was not any post-editing problem. Because the two main hosts of the program were sharp in their words, they often asked the stars involved in the program, some biting and difficult questions, and the ratings always remained high.

They were promoting the upcoming new film 《Times With You》 today. Yan Chu, as a male lead actor, of course, could not be absent. As the most popular person in the whole show, he was also the focus of the two hosts’ questions via torture.

Because it was a talk show, Yan Chu dressed quite casual today. He wore a simple white T-shirt and washed-blue-edged jeans as his trousers. His hair was both fluffy and stylish, with two sharp double-edged sword eyebrows above his deep eye socket, his eyes were long and narrow, and they contained lively light inside. His tall and delicate nose, the arc of rhombic lips, and youthful and adolescent spirit were eye-catching. You could not see that he was already a 35-year-old “old man.”

《Times With You》 was an infamous big IP[2] adaptation film. At that time, unaware of how many boys and girls’ crying, there were countless book fans. When Yan Chu took over this film, many people were not optimistic, because the male lead in the original book was only 16 years old when he first appeared. The novel also narrated about him from 16 to his middle age. The book fans acknowledged Yan Chu’s acting skills, but they did not think he could play a youth of the age of 16's childishness.

At the present, to suddenly see Yan Chu’s appearance, those who originally did not like him had been shutting up. God simply restored him to his initial appearance, OK?

Today, there was also the film director Lin Qiusheng, the female lead actress Bai Mo, the second female lead Yu Xintong. The second male lead did not come because he took another drama at the same time and also did not have time.

Lin Qiusheng and Yan Chu not only work together in one or two films, but he was also the one who made Yan Chu win his first Film Emperor award. However, this famous director had a terrible temper. He was as sharp as the hosts in the Star Live Studio, and they dared not ask him some excessive questions.

While Bai Mo and Yu Xintong also considered being popular female teen idol nowadays, their names were very virtual. The actresses in the entertainment circle were updating too fast, and their value was very different from him.

“The third question, a fan left a message on our official blog, wanted to ask Film Emperor Yan. In the original book, Chu Feng’s most beloved woman is Lin Yinyin. In real life, Film Emperor Yan, your favorite type of girl is this kind of Lin Yinyin’s actress, Yu Xintong?”

The two hosts in the live entertainment studio, a man and a woman, were old people in the hosting circle. The hostess Wang Na held a card and harbored evil designs to smiling Yan Chu. She had spoken empty talk on the first few questions, but the key point was this question.

Despite the entertainment studio’s gimmick of live broadcasting, in reality, every question mentioned in the live broadcasting had been made utilizing the producer and the stars. Some of them seemed sharp, but in fact, everyone had their own calculation in their hearts, what he asked was that the stars did not mind being known by others.

Wang Na thought that maybe Chenxin intentionally made a wave of hype for Yu Xintong in this program by borrowing Yan Chu’s popularity. Anyway, this favorable impression matter was very black/mysterious. The bride wanted airing luminosity, and the groom was also at the age of marriage and had children. The fans were not as opposed to his love affair as they were at first, and hype about his love affair was not too much of a hindrance for him.

Chenxin was Yan Chu and Yu Xitong's agency company.

Yu Xintong's dress was especially sweet today. She was wearing a pink tube top dress contrasting with her long, delicate neck. Her face was now blushing from shyness, and her eyes with fake eyelashes appeared to be exceptionally large. She was too embarrassed to look at Yan Chu nearby. It made people feel that this girl was really cute.

She lowered her forehead slightly and turned her face to the female actress Bai Mo on her other side. She knew that she was the most beautiful from this angle.

“Xintong is a very cute girl. It's just the type of girl I like, happens to be different from her.”

Yan Chu's cold voice made Yu Xintong's face stiff. She squeezed her fists tightly and turned her eyes to him in surprise. If it had not been for the live broadcast, she was afraid that she would have reacted more intensely at the moment.

The actress Bai Mo, who was a little depressed, suddenly got better. It went without saying that she was the female lead actress, they should come to her if they wanted to stir up a sex scandal, ah! She was also a newly promoted female teen idol and had a competitive relationship with Yu Xintong. Now look at her face under the shadow of the Film Emperor, made Bai Mo very happy!

Of course, she still looked nervously at Yu Xintong’s face. After all, they were now “good best friend” ah. People’s arrangements must not collapse.

“Actually, I have a wife who has been together for twelve years, but the day before yesterday, we divorced.”

Yan Chu looked at the direction of the camera, which was also a close-up feature. When he said this, his eyes were too complex. Those deep and shining eyes like the Milky Way filled with sadness, melancholy, and countless regrets.

The Film Emperor, who has been claiming to be single, already married for twelve years!!!

The Film Emperor, who claimed to be single, not only has been married but also divorced the day before yesterday!!!

This kind of a shocking self-detonation, not to mention the two hosts on the scene, even the staff members in the background were going crazy.

The Executive Director was crazily happy! Such shocking news was exposed in his program. With Yan Chu’s flow rate, he could imagine the amount of broadcast and the topic of the program later! With the bonus at the end of the year, promotion and salary increase were not in question!

Almost at the end of the sentence, all the viewers of the program went crazy, all the entertainment records got the news went crazy, the Yan Chu's fans and the agency company behind him went even crazier!

'What kind of woman has their best twelve years of the celestial dish?' and also 'What kind of woman will choose to divorce with Yan Chu?' Almost instantly, all hot searches were already replaced by related words and phrases, and of course, the live broadcasting continued.

“Because of my career and my selfishness, I have failed her best twelve years. She is the woman I loved the most in my life. Unfortunately, I did not understand this reality until I lost her.”

Yan Chu saw his manager off the stage frantically doing a “shut up!” motion to him, yet he remained unmoved. He looked at the camera as if he wanted to speak to someone in front of the screen.

“Yesterday, I set her free, not because I don’t love her anymore, but because I want to tell her that if you want to give me a chance to make a new start, career is not as important as you, wealth is not as important as you.”

“I love you...”

The last sentence seemed to be whispered and sighed, Yu Xinyan, who stood in the mall, burst into tears. She covered her face and sobbed.

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