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Chapter 19: The Hidden Marriage of the Scum Film Emperor 4

“How did this happen? Didn't you tell me that Yan Chu has become interested in you and it won't be long for him to confess to you, then our previous plan will go smoothly!? Now what? Not only did he explode his secret marriage, but he also slapped us hard on the face.”

Song Die, Yu Xintong’s manager, came to Chenxin about the same time as Liu Jiangtao. He had a short holiday. Liu Jiangtao was lucky that he had excavated Yan Chu. Now he was the gold medal manager of Chenxin.

And Song Die was worse than Liu Jiangtao. He had produced a lot of female and male teen idols in recent years. Unfortunately, their prosperity period was too short. So far, there was not any veteran film emperor or empress to keep up appearances.

He was the most narrow-minded person, always regarded Liu Jiangtao as a thorn in his side, and wanted to grab his position in Chenxin. Therefore, from the female teen idol Yu Xintong that he was holding now, he finally knew the fact of Yan Chu's hidden marriage. After knowing about her plans with Chu Tianhe, Song Die had fully supported her.7307 If you are/ seeing this text/ you are reading 7307 from a pirated source and we would appreciate if you visit us at nobles.jp to read our content7307 !

These few years, he had brought out many second-line stars and also had his own connections in the show business milieu. Originally, Yu Xintong's plan was successful, and Song Die’s role in it could not be underestimated.

“Brother Song, there must be something wrong here."

Yu Xintong was very confident in her charm. She knew what kind of girl Yan Chu liked, and these days, she also always acts kind and gentle at the same time with a little smart, cute little girl bit.

When Yan Chu could marry Yu Xinyan at that time, he certainly liked her. But no matter how beautiful a woman was, you would get tired of watching it after 12 years of marriage! Yu Xintong believed Yan Chu’s preferences might not change, but he still needed little fresh adjustments.

So while she imitated Yu Xinyan, she also revealed the difference between herself and Yu Xinyan. It was no wonder that the dull woman, like her mother, made other people rob their men.

Yu Xintong had always disliked Yu Xinyan, which could be traced back to her predecessors.

Yu family made a fortune by manufacturing components. Yu Xinyan and Yu Xintong’s father’s generation also owned a small factory, and Xiao Ruqin, Yu Xinyan’s biological mother, was a high school music teacher. They had been in the same school and same class since elementary school and considered to be a childhood sweetheart. Two years after graduation, Yu Jiankun married Xiao Ruqin. At that time, there was no one who climbed the social ladder.

Yu Jiankun was a business genius. In just ten years, he had developed Yu family's small factory to a component manufacturing industry with a small reputation in China. 'Men become worse when they have money', this sentence was accurate to perfection. When business was sufficient, there would be numerous social interactions, and Yu Jiankun played along according to local conditions from the very beginning. Later on, he could not help but be tempted to support a young tender model who just entered the entertainment circle, Lin Qian, Yu Xintong's mother.

Lin Qian went into the entertainment circle for money. She secretly changed her contraceptive pill into vitamin pills. When she found out she was pregnant, she knew her chance was coming!

Yu family’s parents had been blaming their daughter-in-law for not giving them a grandson. When Lin Qian came to their door with a big stomach, they immediately asked her to give birth to her baby. Although they could not let her enter their family, Yu family could give her a lot of money so that she would not have any worries about food and clothing in the future.

But Xiao Ruqin could not see the sand in her eyes. She did not realize that her loving husband had done such a thing behind her back. She relied on Yu Jiankun’s repeated pleading for an apology, but he resolutely divorced her and won custody of her daughter.

Lin Qian took the upper seat by borrowing her stomach. But unfortunately, Yu Jiankun hated her bitterly that she did not return home. Yu family’s parents saw that she had a granddaughter and also indifferent to her and Yu Xintong. Instead, they missed their previous daughter-in-law. After all, Lin Qian used to be a girlfriend kept by their son. In the eyes of the two elders, this kind of woman would never be able to enter their family unless she conceived a grandson.

Yu Xintong had been living in such an environment since childhood. Lin Qian told her day after day that both Xiao Ruqin and Yu Xinyan were the reasons why her grandparents and her father did not like her. She wanted revenge against them and let them have a life worse than death.

More importantly, when Xiao Ruqin and Yu Jiankun divorced, they also took 15% of the company's equity shares. In Yu Xintong's opinion, everything at home should be hers, so she had to seize all kinds of things from Yu Xinyan, as interest, and she had to take all the things she liked.

In addition to helping herself and her beloved man to go further in the entertainment circle, setting up Yan Chu was mainly because of his identity as Yu Xinyan’s husband. However, at this point, the original self was unclear about it.

“Brother Song, there must be some reasons we don’t know here. Give me another chance to get in touch with Yan Chu. I must figure things out.”

Yu Xintong did not believe that Yan Chu still had affection for that woman. She was also a woman and most sensitive to emotional change. Yan Chu might still have affection for Yu Xinyan but not love.

"Are you sure?"

Song Die had never seen Yan Chu's mysterious wife, but he knew that Yu Xintong's sister should be 32 years old this year! Could a woman of this age maintain the freshness and tenderness better than this little girl in her early twenties? Especially like Yu Xintong, with her not so low capital with her elastic skin, a slender waistline that could not be held in one hand, also her two plump breasts that almost broke out of her clothes and out of the two well-rounded plump bottoms, which all stirred up men's nerves.

Even looking at the whole entertainment circle, Yu Xintong's figure was rare, which was why he believed that she could charm the Film Emperor Yan.

It was hard not to win with such capital and understanding the film emperor's preferences, ah.

“Before Yan Chu self-exploded his hidden marriage, Liu Jiangtao accepted a variety show's guest for him. The director of the program has a good relationship with me. If I can, I will make you the second mystery guest.”

Song Die thought for a moment, no matter what, the half-sibling status of Yu Xintong and Yan Chu’s hidden wife, even if he could not fight Liu Jiangtao’s trump card, he could use this relationship to help her make a good hype. At least through this incident, it let Yu Xintong thoroughly establish her position as a famous female teen idol.

He understood clearly in his heart, the so-called good relationship with the director in his words was self-respect. At this moment, many people had the idea of ​​participating in the same show as the film emperor. Although the focus was Yan Chu, at least by the driving force of progress, it could increase their exposure.

To push Yu Xintong out, he estimated that he got a lot of sacrifices!

“What kind of variety show?” Yu Xintong was a bit curious. She had not heard from Yan Chu about it before.

“It’s the Pear Station’s variety show that suddenly became popular and got five stars of comprehensive arts and entertainment, Meng Pets Forward.” Song Die took a profound look at Yu Xintong. “I remember you have a professionally trained Golden Retriever to participate in, which is just right to be used for and participate in this show.”

Life in this world was fast-paced. Many people were accustomed to raising small pets to ease their tense nerves. A lot of people did not have the time or energy to raise small pets, just became cat videos lovers, and dog videos lovers in the end.

Meng Pets Forward was a variety show featuring adorable little pets raised by celebrities. At the beginning of the planning, not many people were optimistic, so the five permanent guests were only second-line performers. Who would have imagined that once the program had broadcasted, it would suddenly become popular in the whole summer in a short time? The popularity of the five permanent guests was rising, got endorsements, and experienced thinking twice when receiving scripts.

Yan Chu, as a film emperor, once published several photos of his Husky on his Weibo, was one of the program group’s key invitations. Yan Chu’s Yan Aotian was fundamentally nurtured by Yu Xinyan, and it had not a tacit understanding to cooperate with its master, so Yan Chu refused the invitation of the program group.

However, with the popularity of the program, Liu Jiangtao moved his mind again and agreed to the program group’s request of the guest performer. He was going to be in the last episode of this show, as well as being the last guest.

“Brother Song, can you certainly let me join Meng Pets Forward?”

Yu Xintong could hardly hide her excitement. Her Golden Retriever, like Yan Chu’s Yan Aotian, had never raised it herself. It was just that the Golden Retriever was different from Husky. It was good-tempered and specially trained. Yu Xintong believed her popularity would considerably improve with this program.

"Of course, don't let me down, ah."

Song Di had 70% of his people to handle her, and Yan Chu exploded his hidden marriage and divorce matters. To not forget, even before this, the company had warmed up a lot of gossip about the sex scandal of Yan Chu and Yu Xintong. Film Emperor’s hidden marriage and his sex scandal lover, what a big explosion point, Li Zitai would not refuse it.

He had to plan more. There must be no mistake in this.



“Meng Pets Forward?"

Yan Chu was also looking at his recent itinerary. As a film emperor, he was still very cautious in taking the scripts. The original self had just finished shooting two movies when he came, and would not participate in other films for a while. It relieved Yan Chu.

He looked at his itinerary, except for a few original branded platform events, and only this variety show was left.

This also borrowed the light of his previous self-exploding hidden marriage. Liu Jiangtao had helped him by pushing a lot of activities, but now he was the target of all the media. Unless to ensure that everything was absolutely safe, otherwise, Liu Jiangtao dare not let him appear in front of the public.

However, the contract for this variety show was already signed down at an earlier time, and even Liu Jiangtao could not push it off!

“En, isn’t your relationship with your family’s Aotian pretty good? Besides, Husky was stupidly adorable and can attract fans.” Liu Jiangtao said without thinking.

“Besides, don’t you want to get back with Yu Xinyan? She likes your family’s Aotian so much. Is this not a ready-made opportunity?”


Yan Chu thought of his silly dog, ​​who was arf arf arf at him in the sea of ​​knowledge. He used his small spy eyes to look down on his stupid dog and could not help had a headache.

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