The Hidden Marriage of the Scum Film Emperor 4
Chapter 20: The Hidden Marriage of the Scum Film Emperor 5

"Look, is that Film Emperor Yan's nanny car?"

Reporters who were crouching outside Chenxin Entertainment with their camera saw a black seven-seat car slowly driving to the entrance of the company. Reporters and fans who had been waiting anxiously immediately excited and crowded to look inside the company.

It was not long before they saw Liu Jiangtao and a group of black-clothed bodyguards guarding a man with a mask and sunglasses, who was bowing his head, coming out of the company. Looking at his figure and style of dress, he was surely the Film Emperor Yan.

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"Did you really get married for twelve years?"

"Excuse me, may I ask what's the reason for your divorce from your wife?"

“Is your wife Yu Nana, Film Emperor Yan? Can you give the public an explanation, Film Emperor Yan?”

These reporters were rushed to the front, after all, a first-hand disclosure meant a generous bonus, reporters also wanted to eat.

Those fans were crazier than reporters. Most of the fans who were outside the agency company at this time were super diehard fans or younger fanatic girlfriend fans. They did not believe that Yan Chu had been married for many years. In fact, they wanted to hear Yan Chu personally admit that everything was fake.

“Reporter friends, our Yan Chu will select an auspicious date to hold a press conference. Then we will answer all the questions you want to know. Yan Chu is very tired. Please let him go back and have a good rest.”

Liu Jiangtao almost deformed from being crowded out, but as an excellent manager, he could only keep a smile at this juncture. Otherwise, the news in tomorrow's newspaper was not something he wanted to see.

Chenxin’s preservation was still good. Even if countless people huddled, they would safely send Liu Jiangtao and Yan Chu to the car, then pull up the wall and obstruct those who want to block the front. They were released until the vehicle left smoothly.

The reporters had not fooled. They took their camera and ran to their parking space, chasing after Yan Chu's nanny car.

And the rest of the people saw that the master had gone, they had no intention to stay at Chenxin. They felt disheartened and left in twos and threes.

About two hours later, a young man with dark skin, wearing trendy clothes, with a pair of cool sunglasses, and hip-hopping attire swaggered out of the side door of Chenxin Entertainment. This door was usually used by trainees. Others would only lament that Chenxin’s artists did not go on acting when they wanted to join the hip-hop circle.

The young man went straight to the garage and found a very ordinary Volkswagen car. After closing the door, he took off the exaggerated glasses on his eyes. He was the Film Emperor Yan Chu, who had left with Liu Jiangtao, but the actual person was here and did not know who the one had just left!

On the other side of the same time, a group of reporters drove to follow Yan Chu’s nanny car and watched them circle back and forth on the road. If they did not remember that a certain national princess was killed by paparazzi on the road, all of them wanted to speed up and overtake the car’s steering wheel to block people!

Finally, the nanny car parked, with great difficulty, “Yan Chu” and Liu Jiangtao also got out of the car. The reporters rushed to ask the film emperor. They saw the man wearing the film emperor’s dress on the live show, whose body shape was very similar to his, took his face mask, glasses, and hat off. He was a stranger. Where was the Film Emperor Yan who they chased, ah?

"Everybody's here just in time. Yan Chu specially ordered some drinks for you. You've been tired for most of the day and have a good meal to make up."

Liu Jiangtao, instead of avoiding them, greeted them with a smile this time.

“Yan Chu is exhausted, you can rest assured that we will hold a press conference in Chenxin within a week. Everyone, please understand him too.”

At this time, the reporters realized that they were parked in the famous five-star hotel in H City now. Although they were a little angry, the attitude and preparation of the other party were really sufficient, letting people not know what to be angry with.

It was all mixed up in this circle. How could they not know the attitude of the stars towards their approaches? Even more, with how Yan Chu was right at the heart of the struggle now, it was normal to want to hide from them.

Liu Jiangtao watched the reporters' attitudes soften down, and his smiling eyes became more curved. He welcomed the reporters into the restaurant at last.

King of Hell was amiable to talk, and a little demon was hard to deal with [1], so it was certainly proper to have good relations with these reporters.


Yan Chu hesitated for a long time while driving a helpful Volkswagen. Instead of choosing to return to his apartment for these two days, he returned to his villa when he first came to this world.

Because Yan Chu had been filming outside all year round, there were not many things in this home. When he left, he did not pack up his stuff in this villa.

Yan Chu stood outside the door, took out the key in his pocket, and wondered if she had changed the lock after the divorce.


When the door opened normally, Yan Chu took a look at the porch. There was a pair of women's slippers at the entrance. It seemed that the hostess was not at home.

According to his memory, Yan Chu quite regularly opened the shoe cabinet on the one side. He took out a pair of men’s slippers, changed them for himself, then closed the door and walked towards the house.

Instead of going upstairs, he chose to sit on the sofa, which to be tantamount to Xinyan going home.

The room was quiet, and Yan Chu always felt that he seemed to have missed something, but what was it?

He pondered for a while and suddenly remembered he never opened the points mall that was attached to the system, so he might as well see what was in the points mall before Yu Xinyan came back.

The points mall was a tiny icon, hidden in the lower right corner of the task panel. You could not see it without careful observation. At this time, there was a suspended projection screen in front of Yan Chu, only he could see it, and the way to control it was his consciousness.

He used his consciousness to open the points mall. As 007 said, there were only five objects on the mall's shelf, with five different kinds of goods on it.

Yan Chu was curious. The existence of the system had broken through all his previous knowledge. He did not know whether the commodities sold in the points mall were also as magical as the system itself.

【Returning My Beautiful Fists】 Become three times more beautiful by hitting yourself with ten punches, permanent type, 1,000 points

【My Tiny Waist】 You worthed to have a delicate and slender waist, available in the current world, 500 points

【Heaven Pomander】 You can choose from a variety of fragrances, permanent type, 1,000 points

【Heaven Pomander】 You can choose from a variety of fragrance, available in the current world, 500 points

Looking at the first four commodities, Yan Chu felt he had to retort the system. This mall bullied male executors, ah. What was the proper use of these things, My Tiny Waist, and Heaven Pomander, to a man?

Fortunately, the fifth one did not use gender orientation, so Yan Chu was a little happy.

【Pet's Heart】 Understanding your pet's preferences, bind only one animal, unique, available in the current world, currently in a special promotion, 200 points

Yan Chu remembered that the original self seemed to have one variety show left for him. Was it worth spending 200 points? He knew that he only accumulated 1,000 points when he finished the novice missions in the first world!

The systems mall’s next replacement time: 15 hours. He noticed the small words in the lower right corner of the shelf. He remembered 007 said that the commodities on systems mall would be updated every day. It seemed he had 15 hours to think about it.

The price of Pet's Heart was relatively low compared to My Tiny Waist and Heaven Pomander, which could only be used in the current world. Pet's Heart that in the special promotion was already a good deal!

“Arf arf arf wooof.”

When Yan Chu was pondering whether to spend those 200 points or not, Yan Aotian, who he did not know from which corner it was coming, had his mouth full of eiderdown. Looking at the traces left by its running all the way, it estimated that it had just come back from the second floor.

Was this silly dog ​​at home? He thought Yu Xinyan took it with her when she went out today.

“Arf arf arf woof arf arf arf.”

Yan Aotian watched the slag dad in front of it vigilantly. Mama had been crying for this slag dad these days, and it knew that as a dog who loved its mother most. Yan Aotian had decided to unilaterally break away from the father-son relationship with this slag dad!

It thought that its mama would be sad again to see this slag dad. It nervously pressed its pig nose on Yan Chu’s thigh, trying to drive the man away before its mother came back.

In this way, Mama was surely quite happy, and would not bother about the fact that it fought its mama’s duvet. Although it was its first hand to move the duvet this time, Mama would not believe it.

Thinking that it might not be able to eat its beloved fresh beef in the evening, Yan Aotian, while drooling sadly, excitedly added the action of its front paws, wanted to drive the slag dad, who sat motionless on the sofa, out of the house.

Looking at this silly dog who was hostile to him, Yan Chu did not hesitate to click on the button to purchase Pet’s Heart anymore. Soon, his original balance of 1,000 points became 800, and then there was a glowing golden ball on the system shelf. Yan Chu tentatively clicked that icon and found that he had a light floating thing in his hand.

“Arf arf arf.”

As a wolf, Yan Aotian firmly believed that it had enough fighting power. When it saw a glowing ball thing in the air, it holding the Husky’s fearless spirit, put its forepaws on Yan Chu’s knees and chomp, before Yan Chu could stop it, it ate the golden ball into his stomach.

Yan Chu had not studied the specific use of the golden ball yet. Looking at the gluttonous silly dog, he thought that it would not be possible for him to spit it out now.

“Arf arf arf arf.”

Slag Dad, you know what, get out of here. Otherwise, I, Aotian, will not be polite to you.

Yan Chu felt like he had hallucinated and truly understood Yan Aotian's words. He thought of the golden light that had been eaten by it. Was Pet's Heart strong enough that he could communicate with the pet directly?

“Arf arf arf, arf sneeze.”

The feather flew down to its nose, and Yan Aotian sneezed fiercely. But its small eyes still stared at Yan Chu wickedly, indicating that it would never give in for the tasteless food that had just been given. If he could give it ten fresh steaks, it would consider it.

“If you have a stepfather, it’s easy to have a stepmother. If you change a father, your steak might be gone, and your favorite dog biting gum is going to be stolen by the stepfather’s dog.”

Yan Chu said while holding Yan Aotian's two little claws and looking straight into its eyes.

“Stepfather may not know anything about the dog. They will rob your mother’s hugs and your little house. They will destroy everywhere and then frame you for doing it.”

Every word Yan Chu said made Yan Aotian's small eyes desperate. Yan Chu found that he could see "a bolt from the blue" words from the dog's face.

“Arf arf arf arf.”

My mama won't do that to me. Yan Aotian wanted to retort, but it thought that it had chewed on the sofa, the corner of the table, also the clothes and bags its mother liked. It was obviously the first hand of those things, but Mama still punished it, and could only eat dog food on that day.

Yan Aotian felt that what Yan Chu said might not be false. At the thought of the future, its mother would find it a stepfather, who would bring his own dog son. Yan Aotian’s whole dog was desperate.

“Arf arf arf.”

Wrong, how do you know what the dog is thinking? Yan Aotian asked Yan Chu doubtfully with his low IQ.


Yan Chu looked kindly at the silly dog ​​in front of him.

"I'm your father, ah."

One man and one dog gazed deeply, and when Yu Xinyan came back, she saw such a scene.

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