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Chapter 21: The Hidden Marriage of the Scum Film Emperor 6

As soon as Yu Xinyan entered the door, she saw a pair of men's shoes that Yan Chu had changed at the porch. She immediately realized who was currently in the room now. She felt a little nervous, had expectations and even more felt indescribable feelings.

In front of her close friend, she could speak freely about giving up, but how could Yan Chu’s statements on TV not make her moved?

The Yan Chu twelve years ago gave Yu Xinyan many heart-moving things. He taught her how to love someone, many first times, and tried everything with her.

Only in the following years, with Yan Chu becoming busier, the couple together less and separated more. Sometimes they could only meet a few times in a year. No matter how much love started to accumulate with time, up to now, how much hot emotions remained at that time, even Yu Xinyan could not say for herself!4307 If you are/ seeing this text/ you are reading 4307 from a pirated source and we would appreciate if you visit us at nobles.jp to read our content4307 !

However, it was evident that Yan Chu not only represented her once deep and passionate feelings, but also her 12 years of happiness, anger, sorrow, joy, and also her obsessiveness. His name and Yu Xinyan’s had been intertwined together for a long time. For Yu Xinyan, he had long been the existence she could not let go.

Yu Xinyan looked at the pair of shoes inexplicably, and her lips slightly pursed. She held her breath and walked to the living room without changing her shoes.

At this time, Yan Chu was holding Yan Aotian’s two dog paws and telling that he and it had deep love as father and son.

“You… What are you doing?”

Yu Xinyan’s voice was very pleasant, sweet-tempered, and soft, similar to the murmuring of running water, with a hint of charm and tenderness, pleasant-sounding Wu dialect and just like listening to a graceful woman who came out of Jiangnan Water Town.

Originally, she wanted to ask the other side, who had agreed to divorce her, why he abruptly appeared in front of her today? But thinking about the live TV broadcast during that day, she became soft-hearted and did not ask such a strange and heartless question.


Yan Chu seemed to realize that she appeared behind him. He immediately got up from the sofa and looked at Yu Xinyan with eyes full of joy.

“Arf arf arf arf!”

Yan Aotian saw Mama appear and jumped over to her with cheer.

Yu Xinyan squatted down unconsciously, kept Yan Aotian’s head, and helped it smoothen its hair. When it found the eiderdown sticking on its body, it paused and looked up at Yan Chu.

Pets resembled masters. Yan Chu always made her sad, nor Yan Aotian let her indulge it too much, which would make her angry at most.

Yan Aotian foolishly forgot its own troubles. It was very happy that its tongue was sticking out, and his eyes narrowed into a black curved line.

“Brother Liu accepted a variety show for me, Meng Pets Forward, and will start shooting next week. I will take Aotian to participate.”

Yan Chu looked at Yu Xinyan and answered in a low voice.

So he suddenly appeared merely to take Aotian away? Yu Xinyan could not help feel a little sad.

Put it this way, although Yan Aotian was brought up by Yu Xinyan, it was still Yan Chu’s dog. Yu Xinyan wanted to open her mouth and made Yan Aotian stay with her, but Yan Chu’s variety show must have decided in the early morning. Now it was too late to find a suitable dog to foster feelings.

“Okay, but if you don’t want to raise Aotian or have time to take care of it, you can bring it over.”

Holding back her heart, Yu Xinyan stroked Yan Aotian’s fluffy hair and pushed it toward Yan Chu. She turned around and intended to go upstairs.

“Arf arf arf.”

Yan Aotian felt its future was worrying. Its mama surely did not want to return it to the slag dad! Sure enough, because of its parents’ unhappiness, would it become a single-parent dog?

Yan Aotian clamped its tail. According to this direction, the dog’s life tragedy described by Slag Dad was very likely to happen, ah.

It felt that it could not let its parents separate. It wanted to be a baby loved by parents at the same time.

In this way, Yan Aotian quickly obstructed Xinyan’s way and blocked her departure with its fat body.

“This is the last variety show I attended. When I finish some of the current contracts, I will completely quit the entertainment circle.”

Yan Chu looked at Yu Xinyan’s back and said that as she was preparing to go around Yan Aotian.


Yu Xinyan clenched her fist, frowned slightly and turned to look at him in surprise.

In Yan Chu’s eyes, she realized that maybe all of this was for her. Could she think so?

But why did all this come so late? Why after she was ready to give up on him completely?

"Because of you."

This answer, Yan Chu said it, without hesitation. He inherited the original self’s memory, but this did not mean that he would pretend to be him. His achievements were enough. It was the best choice to retire at the best time.

Yan Chu himself was not the kind of character who liked to live in the spotlight. It was not his style to play guerrilla war with the media and the paparazzi all year round.

"It's too late... too late..."

Yu Xinyan staggered back several steps. There seemed to be a mist in front of her, which made her hardly see Yan Chu’s face.

If she heard Yan Chu's confession before she proposed the divorce, she would be quite happy, maybe insanely happy. But after the divorce, she was ready to give up everything.

She was a little flustered, only thinking to avoid the fickle man in front of her.

"Not late."

How could Yan Chu let her escape? He stepped forward and held the woman, who wanted to leave, tightly in his arms.

“I know I've done a lot of things that hurt you. I’ve put too much energy into my career and failed our best 12 years. But Yanyan, give me another chance. We still have a lot of time. Let’s go to Provence, where you most want to go and to see the Great Snow in Hokkaido, just like we did 12 years ago. Give us a chance to get to know each other again.”

Yu Xinyan leaned on the man’s broad shoulders. She could feel the man’s hot body temperature and thumping heartbeats, and the faint smell of cologne made her intoxicated.

"I don't know. I am very confused now."

Words of love were marvelous, especially the future described by Yan Chu, but Yu Xinyan could not believe it.

In the beginning, he once told her repeatedly that he would disclose their relationship and gradually reduce his workloads, but the results only proved that he was cheating her.

More importantly, there was a thorn in Yu Xinyan’s heart. There seemed to be no ambiguity between Yan Chu and Yu Xintong. Was that all just her delusion?

Thinking of him previously when Yan Chu was together with her and talked about her younger sister with shiny eyes, Yu Xinyan’s heart became cold. She was suddenly awake and broke away from Yan Chu’s embrace.

“You are unnecessary to let your imagination run wild. You were waiting for me for our first twelve years. Now, I’ll wait for you.”

Yan Chu held Yu Xinyan’s shoulders, looked at her affectionately and persistently. His deep and gentle eyes stopped Yu Xinyan’s breathing for some moments.

It had to be said that his words were so tempting, and Yu Xinyan had bewitched again.

“And we also have Aotian. Do you want it to be a child of a single-parent family?”

Yan Chu pointed to the silly dog lying on his side with its tongue stuck out. Yu Xinyan also heard some grievances from his words.

“Arf arf arf woof!”

Yan Aotian chased its tail, playing around in circles. It did not want to be a single-parent dog and wanted to be a dog with both parents, ah.

“You are talking nonsense.”

Yu Xinyan was slightly embarrassed. When she was trying to step on Yan Chu, she suddenly remembered at that time when Yan Aotian had just come to this house, Yan Chu pointed to Yan Aotian, who newly weaned and was still an ash-colored dumpling, and laughingly said this was their child, she was Mama, and he was Papa. At that time, although they were together less and separate more, they were far from having such a tense relationship as they were now.

At this thought, Yu Xinyan’s heart could not help but soften a little, and the foot that was going to step on also retrieved.

Yan Chu could see that this was the prelude of Yu Xinyan’s wavering heart.

However, Rome wasn't built in a day. It was surely not a simple matter to open up the heart knots that accumulated over the years.

Yan Chu could not refrain from rejoicing a little! Fortunately, he agreed to divorce on the first day of his arrival. As a result, everything had a chance to start anew.

“Do as you wish, I want to take a rest now. You can leave with Aotian. The cabinet at the porch has its favorite dog food. Some of its favorite toys are in the kennel. You take them away.”

Yu Xinyan waved Yan Chu's hands and just wanted to escape.

“Why don’t you go yet?”

After she stepped up the stairs and stopped to turn around, she saw Yan Chu still standing in the same place. Yan Aotian followed her with its tail wagging, wanting to go upstairs. She could not help asking away.

“I've given you everything. Now I’m homeless, ah. So Yanyan, please take me in.”

Yan Chu spread out his hand, then pulled out his hip-hop baggy trousers pocket. There was not any coin in it.

His words were indeed correct. When he was divorced, he had left their marriage with nothing, but Yu Xinyan did not believe that he, a great film emperor, would not even have a place to stay.

“I've just dealt with a group of reporters, Yanyan, I am drained, ah.”

Yan Chu looked down slightly and could not hide his fatigue. His weak appearance faintly evoked Yu Xinyan to feel sorry for him.

When did this man become so thick-skinned? It was in the same way as eating her!

Yu Xinyan pursed her lips and went upstairs without saying anything.

Yan Chu looked at her back, and could not help laughing. She was undoubtedly a soft-hearted woman.


In the next few days, regardless of the disturbances outside, Yan Chu stayed at home and did not go anywhere.

Every morning, he would make Yu Xinyan’s favorite soft-boiled egg and pancakes. Lunch and dinner primarily followed Yu Xinyan’s appetite. Every morning, someone would send the same food ingredients of the day to the door of the villa, which made Yu Xinyan more sure that the man who said he had no money and seeking shelter was a swindler.

But she did not know why, even though she knew the man had money, she did not ask him to leave.

As for Yan Aotian, it felt like it was the happiest baby in the world! Previously, Mama fed it with a strict ratio of fresh beef and dog food every day to control its weight. Now since Papa was in charge of the cooking, it could eat a lot of delicious, fresh, and tender steaks and lamb chops every day!

The happy Yan Aotian was sleeping every night with its tongue outstretched and drooling.

Sure enough, the child of both parents was a treasure. For Papa’s sake, Yan Aotian decided to forgive that slag dad!

Today was like the past few days, Yu Xinyan got up in the morning and finished freshen up. While she was about to go out of the room, she could not resist going to the bathroom again and looked at her hair and clothes in the mirror.

Wondering whether or not it was because that hotpot last night, Yu Xinyan had small acne on her nose. She immediately picked up the foundation on the dressing table, planned to cover it with her makeup.

As she was about to put on the makeup, she immediately put the foundation down and rushed out of the bathroom extremely worried.

What was wrong with her? She did not go out today. There was just a man at home.

Yu Xinyan felt that she had compromised too quickly. She bit her lower lip and took a deep breath before going downstairs. She let herself restore to the calm expression of the previous few days.

According to usual practice, she went to the kitchen. At this time, Yan Chu had made a delicious breakfast. She could see a tall man in his home clothes in his bib around the corner, serving breakfast into the plate.

At this time, if the other party discovered her appearance, he would give her a brilliant smile.

Yu Xinyan thought, should she smile back if the other party smiled at her again this time? This unquestionably not forgiveness but because she was polite.

Yes, that was it.

This time, the man who was supposed to be standing in the kitchen disappeared, the kitchen and dining room were empty.

Yu Xinyan’s body went stiff. She felt somewhat cold and wronged in her heart, and it was just the fourth day. He only could persevere for four days?

“Arf arf arf arf!”

Yan Aotian happily appeared in front of Yu Xinyan with calf bone in its mouth, which was still contaminated with food residues. It was evident that it just had a meal.

Yu Xinyan looking at Yan Aotian, this fully eaten younger brother, hurried to the dining room. There was a delicate breakfast on the table and still warm. Even if the man in the room left, he should not have gone too long.

Yu Xinyan saw a piece of paper pressed under the milk cup on the table. She quickly picked it up and looked at the contents of the note. After reading the contents of the note, her frown, which had been tight, immediately eased.

"Who's worried about where you're going?"

Yu Xinyan was duplicative. She did not know how beautiful the smile on her face right now.

“Film Emperor Yan held a press conference. Who is the mysterious wife in the rumors, and what kind of answer will be given to the rumors circulating on the Internet? I wonder if Film Emperor Yan will give us an answer today. Stay in the entertainment broadcast and wait for the answer from the reporters ahead.”

After washing the breakfast plate, Yu Xinyan came to the living room with milk and turned on the TV.

Yan Aotian called with an arf woof and jumped on the sofa. Its fluffy head rested on Yu Xinyan's lap. It also turned its eyes to the TV as if it could understand it.

“Yan Chu…”

Yu Xinyan's move to plan to change the channel stopped. Watching the TV, she could not help but get nervous.

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