The Hidden Marriage of the Scum Film Emperor 6
Chapter 22: The Hidden Marriage of the Scum Film Emperor 7

“Film Emperor Yan, excuse me, may I ask is your wife the legendary porn star, Yu Nana?”

At this time, Yan Chu was sitting in the press conference held by Chenxin. Sitting next to him was his agent Liu Jiangtao and the company’s external affairs spokesperson Yu Mingxia.

All the reporters present were journalists from regular newspapers and some Internet platforms. The third-rate entertainment tabloid newspapers were not even qualified to enter the venue.

Because the Film Emperor’s hidden marriage continued to be hot on the Internet for too long. Although the agency company sent the water army to guide the trends, served to prevent fans, and some passers-by with reverse psychology, this conference would be broadcast live at the same time. The Pear Station, which had the best relationship with Chenxin Entertainment, grabbed the first-hand exclusive live broadcast.12149 If you are/ seeing this text/ you are reading 12149 from a pirated source and we would appreciate if you visit us at nobles.jp to read our content12149 !

During the questioning session in a press conference like this, it was considerably skillful to invite reporters from any newspaper to ask questions. Yu Mingxia secretly communicated with several friendly media before the start of the press conference, there were also some well-known media, as well as some reputable and credible media like the official news agency of state television and such, who would not ask too many questions.

“No, Miss Yu Nana and I only worked together on one TV play twelve years ago.”

Yan Chu did not lie about this. In fact, he was just a newcomer when shooting that film. With a coal boss godfather standing behind Yu Nana at that time, she did not even bother to pay attention to him. When he got popular, Yu Nana’s godfather liked the younger and more beautiful girls. Even if she wanted to climb the old relationship, Liu Jiangtao also would not let her influence the person that recently highly sought after in his hands.

“Film Emperor Yan, excuse me, may I ask who is your twelve years of hidden marriage wife in the end? Is she an insider?”

Another reporter stood up. Currently, countless people on the Internet wanted to find out the hidden marriage’s wife of the film emperor. Unfortunately, the film emperor’s protection works were very meticulous that made many actresses listed as suspects.

However, how many people would love to have an affair with the film emperor, ah? How much of this was encumbered here? How many of them were hyped by their own news? It was unclear in this!

“She is a circle outsider and an unquestionably good woman. Please understand that I choose to keep her identity confidential.”

Anyone with eyes could see how soft the eyes of the film emperor were when he talked about that mysterious hidden marriage wife. It might be assumed that he genuinely loved his wife. Otherwise, he would not explode the news of his 12 years of hidden marriage at the peak of his career.

【When all is said and done, which woman robbed my man!!!】

【I don’t believe it. Yan Chu is everyone’s, sob sob sob sob】

【Hehe, are you all idiots? Your film emperor has kept you in the dark about his hidden marriage for 12 years. This kind of man, you are still desperately infatuated. Don’t humiliate your parents, OK?】

【Upstairs, our Yan Chu’s hidden marriage is not fake, but if we the fans can accept it, that’s enough! He is also 35, and it’s not easy to find someone you like. Have that relaxed frame of mind to take care of your own family’s good master, OK?】

【I only think that the film emperor who married in his pinnacle period is a self explosion, quite fascinated with a manly taste, the passers-by turned to be a fan】

【+1, you're not alone, upstairs】

Simultaneously with the live broadcast of the TV station, the news of activity on the Internet was not small. Numerous people kept focusing on the live broadcast on their TV or mobile phones at present while continuously leaving messages on Yan Chu’s as well as his agent’s and agency company’s Weibo. Of course, it was inevitable to fight.

Fortunately, the company had done an excellent job in the public relations crisis a few days ago. Most people still chose to forgive Yan Chu. After all, this was his self-destruction, which made him more favorably than the feeling of being deceived by other people. Moreover, Yan Chu’s age indeed was a prominent advantage.

At his age now, his original girlfriend fans had already been upgraded to be mothers and more inclusive! Afterward, when his girlfriend fans started liking him, he was already a man of marriageable age, and also psychologically prepared for this. In addition to him not taking the national boyfriend’s route, people liked him apart from his face, also acting skills and strength.

As for the career fans, they only care about what good scripts and endorsements he had received. So long as his girlfriend was not a devil person, all of them would not have any opinions.

The people at the scene did not know the trend on the Internet at this time, and one by one, they still asked the questions they prepared before.

“Film Emperor Yan, you said before that you and your wife divorced, but now you wish to get together again with her. Can I ask the reason for your divorce? The rumor is because there is a third party between you and that third party is your new drama’s second female lead, Yu Xintong. Excuse me, may I ask, is this true?”

A reporter from Bagua Weekly stood up and asked these questions. When his question came out, there was a moment of a disturbance at the venue.

Yu Mingxia frowned. Bagua Weekly was one of the best publications in Bagua Magazine. Their president was Wang Zhuowei, the most hated paparazzi in the circle and known as Seeing Zhou around the whole country, which was related to a piece of shocking hot news he once exploded.

Zhuowei’s status in the celebrities’ minds was quite low. He could not endure the watermelon-eating people at all and liked exploding the entertainment scene. To not provoke such a person, the majority in the circle was neither to become good friends with nor offend him. Thus Yu Mingxia also gave an invitation letter to Bagua Weekly for today’s conference.

At the inchoation of the press conference, she was angry with that past his prime reporter. Why did he ask such an excessive question now!?

On the Internet, along with this question, it had also exploded in an instant!

【F*ck, Teacher Zhuowei’s people asked the question I most want to ask. Do you remember the pictures taken by the fans when they come to a movie set to visit him? One of them captured a photo of Film Emperor Yan looking at Yu Xintong. His eyes were very touching. Now divorced, he has assumed a kind of affectionate expression. He must be is not afraid of his ex-wife flying into a rage out of humiliation to his exploding extramarital scandal】

【Think carefully and be afraid, top floor】

【Don't stir up the muddy water with other fans, OK? Even if you do your best, your flattery incomparable with our Film Emperor Yan’s achievements】

【Hehe, the reporter was bribed by Yu Xintong to create a hype, OK? Our Yanyan loves his wife the most, and to her, that is only the predecessor’s lenient to the younger generation, so don’t imagine that one’s love had reciprocated!】

【Hehe, brainless fan】

Because the reporter of Bagua Weekly’s questions, the Internet was in the carnage, but at the press conference, Yan Chu was very tranquil.

At the beginning of the press conference, he and Liu Jiangtao had communicated with each other. So many journalists here, it was impossible for every reporter to abide by the agreement. The newspapers also wanted sales volume. For the sake of the topic, many reporters might ask some inappropriate questions or even try to provoke Yan Chu. It would attract more attention if the film emperor forgot his manner at the conference.

Moreover, Yan Chu had dominated the headlines for all those years. Many male stars who set up lose their good looks by their colleagues and have gone out with him unexpectedly did not take advantage of him like he was a criminal at this time. Consequently, they had anticipated every kind of various problems aimed at them.

Yu Xinyan was sitting on the sofa at this time. When the reporter asked the question about Yu Xitong, she could not help to pause her movement of gently caressing and stroking Yan Aotian’s head. Her mood also became a little nervous.

Although she understood in her heart that Yan Chu would not say that his reputation was in the way to answer at the press conference, she still wanted to hear the other party's explanation for the reason why Yu Xintong was different from others recently.

“I don’t know where this journalist friend heard the false news. From the beginning to the end, I have not any notion of ​​Miss Yu Xintong beyond my friend.”

Yan Chu said this sentence was extremely affirmative. His words were powerful and resonating.

“I love my wife. The reason for the divorce is because of the past few years, for the sake of my career, we, husband and wife, got together less and separated more. And out of selfishness, I have been reluctant to promise her to announce the news of our marriage. The mistake is all in me. She is a very gentle and kind woman. In our marriage, she paid 99%, and I only paid a poor 1%.”

Yan Chu could hardly conceal guilt and regret in his eyes: "I'm sorry for my wife in this marriage for not fulfilling my responsibilities as a husband. And sorry for those who like me because I hide such an important thing from them. I know that this mistake will disappoint many people, but I have been wrong for twelve years. I do not want to go on repeating my mistakes."

【Yanyan, we, spud, loves you no matter what】

【Ouch, as expected, you don’t know how to cherish it until you lose it. But a woman who can make Yan Chu bet on his career must be very brilliant, I presume. I can only choose to bless】

【Heart attack, the man I love belongs to another woman, blessings】

Many passionate fans could not help but be touched by Yan Chu’s heartfelt words and send their blessings continuously.

【He deserves to be the film emperor. His acting is especially good】

【He said he had nothing to do with Yu Xintong and the masses were equally fools】

There are quite a few messages like the above, but the water army invited by Liu Jiangtao and some loyal fans of Yan Chu quickly brushed it down, and more passers-by chose to eat melon seeds.

However, it had to say that Yan Chu's choice of self-destruction was too good. The masses were very tolerant of those who take the initiative to admit their mistakes. Also, Yan Chu's answers to audiences over these years were all quality-guaranteed films. He never made monstrous scandals, and his popularity was outstanding.

Especially when women looked at the film emperor's expression at this moment, they were quickly envious of that mysterious ex-wife who he took seriously! They wished they could replace her, but he had not any second thought about it at all.

Of course, none of the people here had sincerely touched more than Yu Xinyan. She could not help holding Yan Aotian tightly.

“Arf arf arf arf.”

Yan Aotian turned over to give a contemptuous look and spat its tongue. It thought it was going to die!

“Aotian, ​​maybe Yan, your father’s words, can be trusted once again, isn’t it?”

Yu Xinyan's words stopped. It was rare to use this word, Yan Chu, used many times these days. She looked at Yan Aotian's eyes with incomparable tenderness.

“Arf arf arf arf arf.”

That slag dad gave Dog a small steak and small lamb chops to eat. He is a good dad. Dog doesn't want a stepfather and to strive for favor with the stepfather's dog.

Unfortunately, Yu Xinyan was not Yan Chu. She could not understand its dog’s language.

Looking at Yan Aotian’s lively and happy appearance, Yu Xinyan found a reasonable excuse for her compromise.

She just wanted to give her child a complete family, yes, that was it.

"Film Emperor Yan, don't tell me you want a simple apology to end the twelve years of concealment? Have you ever thought about the harm that your hidden marriage brings to them to those fans and audiences who trust you?"

The reporter who just asked did not seem to want to let Yan Chu off easily. Even before the press conference began, Yu Mingxia already said that every media could only ask one question, but he still broke the rule and questioned Yan Chu persistently.

Yan Chu frowned. He remembered that he never became enemies with Bagua Weekly. Even if it was for the sake of topic and exposure, to accomplish this degree was too excessive! This reporter probably was not bought by side power, right?

"Film Emperor Yan, why don't you answer, or do you feel guilty? Do you think it's unfair for some of your predecessors to make the mistake of a hidden marriage, but you still be able to shoot a movie and get endorsements as usual?"

The predecessor of that journalist’s mouth was a real person. It was Yuan Kui, an actor with more seniority than Yan Chu.

He was China’s most famous idol when Yan Chu just entered the circle. In the beginning, he also flaunted singleness to the outside world and was chased after by a multitude of girls.

While Yuan Kui was in the transition period, he had photographed rooming together in a hotel with the female lead actress of the cast and crew, as well as some intimate photos. At that time, both of them made a statement indicating they were in love ordinarily and denounced the paparazzi's behavior of stealing pictures.

At that time, except for a few fans, most fans were supportive of their relationship. After all, women's career was not inferior to men's.

But just when the hype of their romantic love between the two was unstoppable, and they made a public display of affection in the spotlight of the media, the paparazzi they reprimanded, Zhuowei revealed that Yuan Kui had been married for eight years, had a son and a daughter while keeping the improper relationships with three to four women simultaneously.

At that time, a small action could cause a strong reaction, Zhuowei once again established his position as a big paparazzi, and Yuan Kui was also reviled by the public because of this series of scandals. In the beginning, his fans supported him, but later they did not understand him.

Now Yuan Kui was still mixed in as a part of the entertainment circle. But unfortunately, without his original status, he could only take and play on some 18-line short films and online dramas. During this time, Yan Chu burst out of his hidden marriage news, and Yuan Kui's old materials had also been mentioned once again.

But if you put it this way, these were two different things.

First, Yan Chu's hidden marriage was revealed by himself, with an acknowledged one's mistake attitude. But Yuan Kui tried his best to deny it after the incident. Until the evidence was definite, he had to come out and apologize to the public.

Second, Yan Chu's only mistake was his hidden marriage from the beginning to the end. He did not have any conclusive evidence of infidelity with any actress, and many of them were just the shadow of the media. However, Yuan Kui's extramarital affair with many women was a fact. There was even an illegitimate son who had done a paternity test and fought a lawsuit. Such behavior was difficult for female fans to accept.

Therefore, in summary, that reporter, who compared Yan Chu with Yuan Kui, seemed awfully unreasonable to his fans.

Because of his questions, the Internet suddenly burst into flames. That little reporter's Weibo had not been overturned out yet for the time being. His family's great elder Zhuowei and Bagua entertainment official's Weibo were invaded by fans at once! They demanded them in succession to state their side on how their family's Yan Chu and Yuan Kui had made a certain degree of mistake!

"This reporter."

Liu Jiangtao's complexion was not very good. He picked up the microphone in front of him and was trying to answer this question for Yan Chu when Yan Chu stopped him.

"I have been joining the entertainment industry for twelve years. During this period, I have starred in five TV plays and seven films as the lead actor; three TV plays and five films as the supporting role; also some friendship TV plays and movies. In these twelve years, I have won China's highest award for TV plays and films. These words, not because I'm proud and complacent, but I want to say that for those fans who really like me and support me, I have delivered a fairly good answer."

【It’s not true. It’s extraordinarily good, OK? Our Yanyan is China’s youngest three-gold film emperor】

【Love Yanyan, no explanation】

【Remembering Yanyan's pursuit up to obtain his first film emperor, I'm in tears】


No matter what the original self, who was emotionally a scum, he had a clear conscience regarding his career as an actor. Except for several Mary Sue idol dramas at the beginning of his fame, and the scripts he performed were guaranteed quality afterward, and his acting skills were incomparably passable.

Apart from a few thoroughfare minor literary and artistic film awards, all his films were popular and critically acclaimed, and he never used a stand-in for the fierce, blasting martial arts fighting drama. He could not let a small problem be an excuse to leave, and his professionalism was beyond reproach.

Because his words, whether it was a fan or passers-by, all recalled the works Yan Chu had given to the audience over the years. As an actor, he was excellent, no need to mention his hidden marriage.

Moreover, he did not take drugs, did not smoke or drink, had no scandals, was enthusiastic about public welfare, and his performances were all well and good. In public opinion, he had portrayed a rather good leading role for his fans and was an excellent idol.

Those sunspots who had been spraying him also paused their offensive all at once. In fact, except for a few bored keyboard men, most of them were recruited by the water army of the wife fans or other companies. Faced with Yan Chu's achievements in his career, they really could not find any black spots.

"Here, I announce that I, Yan Chu, will retire from the entertainment business forever, except for the previous contract, which can not be changed."

Yan Chu stood up and bowed deeply.

"I'm sorry for those fans who love me and support me. I have lied to you for twelve years. I fulfilled the promise I made to you. Now, I want to be stubborn for the last time. I'm sorry for my late adolescence!"


The Internet was boiling because of his words. The film emperor wanted to withdraw from the circle. Was this an April Fool's Day joke?

Everyone was extremely shocked, not to mention his fans, who did not believe it was true.

【That stupid beep—beep—beep— Bagua Weekly reporter, if Yan Chu really withdraws from entertainment circle because of his words, I will send a wreath to their headquarters every day in the future】


Many fans were somewhat violent. Zhuowei and Bagua Weekly's Weibo were full of vituperation and blaming words, which could only be replaced by beeps.

Zhuowei wondered, he did not explode anything about the flow of young actors or actresses recently, ah! How could everyone scold him? He did not know the foolish things his own family’s little journalist did when he bribed. If he knew, he had eaten his heart already!

Zhuowei was still very smart. He only revealed the scandal that the star had definite evidence. In this way, he was the one who took the initiative. Even if the fans were angry, more passers-by were standing on his side. Although Yan Chu's affair had attracted a lot of attention, it was evident that there was not any room for him, Zhuowei, to play. So he did not devote much attention to this matter, which gave him a helping hand.

If there were who felt angry, there were who felt happy too in this situation.

“Little Liu, you quickly slap me.”

Li Zitai, the scenarist-director of Meng Pets Forward, asked his assistant while grinning to his ears and unable to control his laugh.

"Director, are you unwell, ah?"

The little assistant just came over with the plan given by the producer team. He saw the director's appearance and wondered if he was a fool or not. No proper ordinary person would let people hit themselves, ah.

"Don't talk nonsense. Just give me once."

"Director, I won't do, ah." The little assistant shrank back a bit, but unfortunately, the director's big hand pulled him to his side.

"Am I truly being played then?" He inquired over and over again before recovering his hand. He contemplated inwardly about the job that thanks to his parents opened the back door for him and reckoned it was going to be over with this slap.


"It hurts."

The little assistant was covering his shoulder with his hand. Didn't the director say he had to hit him? Why, before he started, the director slapped him firmly on his shoulder?

"It hurts, right!"

The director smiled joyously even more, "Hurry up and find the person in charge of the producer team and the publicity department for me, and notify me. Today, the two departments are working overtime, and nobody can go back without completing the task."

He grinned at the little assistant, then ran back to his computer and continued to giggle.

The little assistant grimaced and went out. He did not know what happened, but in any case, he was not hitting the director. Should he preserve this job?

"Developed, developed! The film emperor's endgame work and retirement from the circle, what title should I take? The Film Emperor's Final Show, or Meng Pets Forward and the Film Emperor's Double Endgame Work? Hahahaha, anyway, with this gimmick, the last program broadcast ratings entirely breaking five is not a problem, ah. It should be able to break our platform's rating record this year, I presume. Not only this year, maybe even the previous highest record can be broken. Film Emperor Yan ah Film Emperor Yan, you indeed are my lucky star, ah!"

Meng Pets Forward's director was already delighted. While most people mourned simultaneously, he seemed to see himself to be promoted and gain wealth in the end. He impatiently waited for the publicity planner to arrive and decided the most effective use of the film emperor's retirement from the circle matter.

This time Yan Chu did not act first, report later. Before that, he had discussed seriously with Liu Jiangtao. The other party had persuaded him for a long time, but he finally agreed to Yan Chu's incomprehensible request.

Yan Chu's contract with the company was about to expire. Previously, the original self had the intention to set up his own studio. Thus, he was vague about the company's request for renewal.

Perhaps in the previous life, the company felt that once Yan Chu and their contract expired, not only would it not bring benefits to the company but also become a competitor of the company's male stars. So they took a neutral stance after his accident, and soon all the resources were inclined to Chu Tianhe, wanting to produce the second Yan Chu as quickly as possible.

But now Yan Chu proposed to quit the entertainment circle forever, the potential competition relationship between the two sides would not exist, the business transactions would not be benevolence and righteousness. Yan Chu also promised to hand over some of his connections to the company. If there were a plan to return, he would give priority to signing a contract with Chenxin, so they were not very dissatisfied.

Over the years, because of this trump card Yan Chu, the gold medal manager position of Liu Jiangtao was quite stable, moreover now he had more than a star Yan Chu in his hands. Yan Chu had developed smoothly and frequently did not need him, this manager, to arrange everything for him. He started to bring up other newcomers as early as six years ago. Now there were several popular male and female teen idols on his hand. He would concentrate all of his energies on the other artists once Yan Chu retired. The artists in his hands also could be successful using Yan Chu's lingering fame.

Everyone had their own ambition. Yan Chu and Liu Jiangtao also had a partnership for more than ten years. Although he did not understand, he chose to be considerate.

So when the media reporters were shocked, the three people on the stage who had already known appeared extremely calm. Yu Mingxia was thrilled when she watched the media reporters. She immediately called in the security personnel who had already arranged for it, stated that the press conference was over, and asked the security guards to escort Yan Chu away carefully.

"He really..."

Yu Xinyan saw that he put forward the news of withdrawing from the circle to the media, but she was somewhat overwhelmed.

She knew Yan Chu's love for acting better than anyone else. He once told her that three gold was not his end. He wanted to go abroad and changed to an international film emperor. He wanted his acting skills recognized by more people.

But now, for her sake, he actually chose to quit the entertainment circle.

Yu Xinyan’s mood was not complicated. This news was extremely shocking that she started to doubt whether she was too suspicious before. She felt that there was something between Yan Chu and Yu Xintong. Also, to let Yan Chu give up his beloved cause was too much.

In fact, in the beginning, she was only tangled with an identity that she never recognized, as well as they were together less and separated more, only a few days spent together. She could not go out like an ordinary couple. Even if she wanted to see a new movie, she could only watch it depressingly in the home cinema.

From beginning to end, she never thought of letting Yan Chu truly give up his beloved career.

"Arf arf arf woof."

The silly Husky stretched its paw to pat Mama's thigh. It licked her several times on her neck upward, although not knowing why it felt that Mama was both happy and sad now.

It was having fun biting the furniture at home and playing an amusing I-bite-it game. As a result, Mama punished it by not eating little steak.

Yan Aotian quickly kissed Mama several times, as long as it kissed, she would not be sad!

“Yan Aotian, have you washed your mouth after eating? Your mouth stinks too much.”

At the end of the live TV broadcast, Yu Xinyan struggled to pick up the fat dog, which weighed 5 kg and tried to drag it toward the bathroom.

"Arf woof arf woof—"

Yan Aotian realized the danger. Dogs did not brush their teeth. It had good teeth and was crisp when it gnawed on bones.

It was good to make Mama happy. Why was it still harmed?

Yan Aotian felt that its dog self was very gloomy, ah.


【Why did Yanyan choose to withdraw from the circle? In fact, besides concealing his marriage, he did not do anything wrong, and his wife is an outsider. People can understand if they want to live a peaceful life without being disturbed, ah. Sob sob sob, unexpectedly Yanyan retire from the circle】

【Blame the reporter of Bagua Weekly. If it’s not the viciousness of his questions, maybe Yanyan would never have thought of quitting the circle】

For Yan Chu's fans, today was a sleepless day for them all night. For the watermelon-eating people[1], today was also a brilliant day for them to eat watermelons until they were full. For those fans of the actor, who had a competitive relationship with Yan Chu, today was estimated to be the happiest day.

Most of the wife fans had been warned repeatedly by their family’s older fans. At this critical moment, not touching the unlucky Yan Chu’s family fans. Anyway, Yan Chu was already going to withdraw from the circle, so let them peacefully grieving, and not set the fire on their master’s head when the moment came.

Most fans were still rational and remain silent today. But there were still a small number of younger fans who could not endure and hide their joy under Yan Chu’s Weibo.

【Hehe, the garbage is finally going to retire. It’s disgusting to cheat fans thoroughly. All well and good if you are gone, can watch less of your bad movies】

【Hidden marriage is hateful, praying Yan Chu and his fans to explode in the place where they currently are】

【Yan Chu is finally going to retire. Honestly, I really can’t feel the so-called acting skills that his fans praise excessively. In my opinion, there are many excellent new people in Chenxin, like Chu Tianhe, Di Ounan, and such, whose acting skills have thrown off through three streets but lost their qualifications, OK? They have more time to replace Yan Chu’s present position. I think some people are afraid of it, so they will use this as an excuse to retire bravely at the peak of his career】

【The Chu Tianhe you mentioned, upstairs, is the Chu Tianhe I know. He is super handsome. Although many people think that he is somewhat similar to Yan Chu and there seems to be a suspicion of imitation, in my opinion, he is a hundred times better than Yan Chu. Moreover, I have friends who used to be high school classmates with him. It said that the real person is more handsome than on TV, and he is active and cheerful. Anyway, there is absolutely no way to have a secret marriage】

【Chu Tianhe’s wife dog upstairs, is your family’s master did not look after you well?】

Yan Chu’s fans were in a bad mood. Seeing these pull-and-trample words, they exploded angrily and immediately tore them up with those people on the Internet.

Perhaps it was different ages. Chu Tianhe would be 25 years old now. Over the past two years, he had appeared in many overbearing presidents and callous handsome boy idol dramas and absorbed many young brainless fans. Most of them were aggressive, and they would not be tired to trade insults for their favorite idols on the Internet for a few days or nights. Although the number of fans not comparable to Yan Chu’s fans, their fighting strength could not be underestimated in trading insults. Inevitably, some people with poor quality would scold dirtily, which would lead to the end of the fans with neutral attitudes. Yan Chu and Chu Tianhe’s Weibo were in the carnage momentarily, and impossible to look after them.

“What’s going on here? Didn’t you tell those brainless people that they’ve been safe recently?”

Chu Tianhe smashed his mobile phone on the ground in his lounge.

It went without saying, when Yan Chu announced his retirement today, he was the happiest man because his manager called by higher-ups. The company intended to cultivate him as Yan Chu’s successor after Yan Chu left. After all, he had the title of Little Yan Chu when he was first promoted. If he used it well, he could absorb some of Yan Chu’s fans into his.

It was no doubt that Chu Tianhe was right to say he was who least wanted to see the dispute between his fans and Yan Chu’s fans. The two families were noisy, and it was not desirable for his future development.

“I have talked with the older fans, but there are so many fans, and not everyone is sensible.”

Chu Tianhe’s assistant looked at the smashed mobile phone painfully, this was the iPhone 8 he bought with his two months’ salary, and the star assistant’s salary was not very high. Many of them only wanted to reach their idols or intended to work in the direction of managers to do assistant work.

He was somewhat depressed. Formerly, the company had good momentum, and he was happy to be around Chu Tianhe, who was cheerful and generous. As a result, he found that this man was completely different from TV. Privately, Chu Tianhe was stingy and irascible. He was jealous of those who were better than him and looked down upon those who were worse than him. Now and then, he liked to get angry with his assistants, and outside, they also needed to create straightforward big men who were close as brothers.

“You go out.”

Chu Tianhe’s manager Song Die came in, called the assistant out, and closed the door.

“I wrote statements for you, and you quickly posted it to your Weibo. This scolding war can’t continue anymore.”

Song Die was now somewhat flushed with success. Liu Jiangtao’s biggest trump card was Yan Chu. Without Yan Chu, they were as broad as it is long. It was uncertain who would be the boss of this Chenxin later.

“Fuck, that group of retarded —beep—, involving I, your father, to replace them to deal with the aftermath. Mother—Beep—Beep—Beep—”

Chu Tianhe burst into a rude language, opened his cell phone angrily, copied the writing Song Die passed to him, and uploaded it on his Weibo.

“Pay attention in the future. Here is the company.”

Hearing his swearing words, Song Die could not help frowning. He honestly could not understand why Yu Xintong, who was also a lady of a wealthy family, would like Chu Tianhe, who was full of tripe and an idiot?

"Okay, I know."

Chu Tianhe had not yet been firm enough to confront his manager, and he responded perfunctorily. He was not a brainless person, either. He acted very well both outside and in front of Yu Xintong.

Chu Tianhe’s statements soon spread on Weibo. Throughout the article, roughly was that he respected his predecessor, Yan Chu, and felt sorry for his retirement. He did not want his fans to quarrel with Yan Chu’s fans. He wanted everyone to get along well with each other.

Upon seeing this, some Chu Tianhe’s fans had calmed down, but Yan Chu’s fans were in a fit of anger and had not stopped attacking Chu Tianhe’s side.

【Yan Chu’s fans are too overbearing. Everyone in the world is your mother. You like Yan Chu and desire people all over the world to like Yan Chu? Some people like Chu Tianhe, can’t they have freedom of speech? Purely passers-by, cannot stand by idly and watch Yan Chu’s fans behavior】

【Standing in a circle and watching the whole story, in fact, at first, a few fans acted irrationally. There was no need to climb to the master, ah. Moreover, Chu Tianhe stood up and apologized for his fans. What did Yan Chu’s fans want?】

【The mood is very complicated. Looking around the whole story, at first, it may be the fault of Chu Tianhe's fans, but Yan Chu's fans are too unreasonable to forgive others. I can't help become Yan Chu's hater】

【Chu Tianhe has happened to come out. What about the other side’s master? Lacking in confidence and pretend to be dead?】

The remarks appeared on the Internet one after another, and the scale expanded, gradually seizing control of the trend of Weibo on both sides. Yan Chu’s fans were soon overwhelmed by these comments once they refuted.

On the other side, Chu Tianhe’s fans, who had calmed down, saw a growing number of “passers-by” coming up to speak for them. They increasingly felt that they were standing on the right side, and they once again went to take advantage of a crisis for personal gain.

【8188 Bagua Weekly’s reporter Zhou Gan’s and “White Lotus” Chu Tianhe’s insider trading, which manner the film emperor retired from the circle in the end】

Just when the Internet was full of abuse and warfare, a sticky post with a sensational headline appeared on Weibo named Great Hacker.

Zhou Gan was a reporter who asked a lot of excessive questions at Yan Chu's press conference today. When his name appeared, he brought along the unreachable Chu Tianhe, who was now in conflict with Yan Chu's fans. It immediately stirred up many people's sensitive nerves.

This sticky post was attached with text and pictures depicting a process in which a hacker fan who claimed to be a Yan Chu's passer-by fan. He curiously used some illegal means to steal the records of the reporter's mobile phone, computer, and other communication and found tremendous material in them.

The account was newly registered, the IP address was displayed abroad, and the location was changed every other time. The hacker concealed his identity and traces.

The whole piece of the sticky post was a ghastly sight. According to the chat content, the reason why the reporter was very aggressive today was because he was instructed by Chu Tianhe.

He and Zhou Gan used to be high school classmates. They had a fairly good relationship, especially when one became a star, and the other became a paparazzi.

The chat history began from the previous year until now, the person named Zhou Gan did a lot of things for him. In the beginning, he competed with an actor for the position of the male lead in an idol drama. Zhou Gan helped him write a false report, which led to the actor's black material to rush around everywhere at that time, so the role finally fell to Chu Tianhe's head. After that incident, Chu Tianhe transferred 200,000 yuan to him. Since then, he seemed to have experienced the sweet taste in the end, and their private cooperation had increased.

The said actor also saw this sticky post at this time, and immediately let his manager call the police. In these few years, he had not mixed well enough. Now, when he saw the truth of those years, he wanted to eat Chu Tianhe's heart.

He was not the only victim. In the past two years, Chu Tianhe had framed many people to be in the top seat. The most recent one was Yan Chu. This time, he spent a lot of money and gave Zhou Gan 500,000 yuan, to let him lead the trends in the press conference and make Yan Chu's reputation stinky.

At that time, he did not know that Yan Chu had the plan to retire from the circle. For him, Yan Chu was the biggest competitor in the entertainment circle. Because of Yan Chu's existence, everyone would only call him Little Yan Chu, he never could be Chu Tianhe.

"What's going on?"

Song Die was quickly very mad after seeing this report. Chu Tianhe did all these things behind his back. If he knew, he would never let Chu Tianhe contact Zhou Gan privately, and at the very least, he could not reveal his identity, ah. Otherwise, he would not be finished when his plot was exposed.


Chu Tianhe collapsed. He and Zhou Gan had just entered this circle at that time. They were good buddies and had not thought many things directly connected by mobile phones.

By the time when his position was getting higher and higher, he had been wicked all the time, which was equivalent to giving Zhou Gan natural made evidence. But he reconsidered it, and this was his evidence and also could be Zhou Gan's. Now that the law had amended, and spreading false news like Zhou Gan would be imprisoned. He did not think Zhou Gan would cut short his future.

And whether or not they had anything to do with each other, Zhou Gan helped him deal with his rivals. He secretly passed on some secrets of the entertainment circle to Zhou Gan. For example, the news that he had first-hand revealed that the currently popular female idol was taken care of by a wealthy businessman, which made Zhou Gan very prestigious.

As the exchange of interests between the two increased, Chu Tianhe, although still worried, gradually did not take this matter seriously.

Where did he know that there was such a powerful hacker among Yan Chu's fans that he could turn out all the chat records between them?

Zhou Gan too. Didn't they say that after each negotiation, they cleared the chat records? He kept so many chat records. What did he want to do?

He was really killed by him.

Because of this, a new round of explosion appeared on the Internet, especially for Chu Tianhe's fans. They did not believe this post was correct at all. They left their comments about the blogger's Photoshopped pictures and falsification underneath, saying they wanted to sue him.

That blogger had been invisible since he posted the sticky post. Chenxin PR made Weibo delete the post. But too many people had saved the screenshots as proof. This news totally could not be suppressed at all.

Most importantly, after this sticky post, many Photoshopped pictures masters came out one after another to prove that none of these were Photoshopped pictures. Some former classmates, who had once stood up with Chu Tianhe and Zhou Gan in a school, expressed that they had not expected to be such people.

The angriest one was Yan Chu's fans. Their idol was forced out of the company by such a villain. When they did not know, he had suffered a lot of grievances in the company. Especially with the action of Chenxin PR, who let Weibo delete that post immediately, made people feel the company was partial to the villain Chu Tianhe. Perhaps Yan Chu's retirement from the circle was also closely related to the unfair treatment of the company.

For a while, Yan Chu's fans exploded, and even the passers-by who were shocked by Chu Tianhe's behavior could not stand it anymore. They asked Chenxin and Chu Tianhe to give a statement.

Countless people left messages for Yan Chu's side, hoping that he would not retire from the circle for those villains' sake, totally in line with their wishes.

Perhaps Chu Tianhe's behavior was too surprising, even Yan Chu's secret marriage was hardly mentioned. Everyone seemed to be amnesia, completely forgot his mistake, and began to feel sorry for him.

And the person involved Yan Chu, after transferring the remaining funds in his card to an unknown account, looked at the development of the situation on the Internet. He was relieved and finally had a smile.

When accepting the original self's memory, he discovered the existence of Zhou Gan. There was his shadow on all the original self's bad news. As soon as he came to this world, he sent someone to secretly check his relationship with Chu Tianhe and dig out this indirect clue.

However, thanks to the fact that Zhou Gan was too cautious, he also kept a screenshot of every transaction with Chu Tianhe, which made this battle extremely easy.

"Did you read all the news on the Internet yet?"

Liu Jiangtao hurried in and looked at the interface displayed by the computer in front of Yan Chu. His expression was not very good.

"Unexpectedly that Chu Tianhe is a good-for-nothing. Before I thought about what you said about Yu Xintong, are you too sensitive? Now it seems that the whole thing is true."

Liu Jiangtao did not know that all these things were made by the man in front of him. Looking at his relaxed appearance, he thought he was trying to smile and wondering how to comfort him.

"Anyway, you are ready to withdraw from the circle. Don't be unhappy about the company's choice. The deletion of the post by the PR Department is not necessarily biased towards Chu Tianhe, but because he is still Chenxin's person. Such a scandal isn’t a good thing for Chenxin."

He patted Yan Chu on the shoulder. Last night, he also advised him not to retire from the circle. Now thinking twice about how many pitch-black people and things there were in this circle, and after so many years of fame, Yan Chu, who had money and fame, was no need to fight for fame and fortune.

And now that Yan Chu was retiring at his best age, he might be mentioned as this era's film star in several decades. There were still many people who would miss him and felt sorry for him and regarded his films as classics.

"Brother Liu, after all these years in the circle, what else can't I let out?"

Of course, Yan Chu was not angry. "After shooting Meng Pets Forward, I will go abroad for a while to avoid the ups and downs in the circle. When I come back, the limelight of these things should be over. You can rest assured that I will never forget to bring gifts to you when I'm away from home."

Dealing with Chu Tianhe made Yan Chu's mood so good, there was time to play a joke.

"Why? Is Sister-in-law forgive you?"

Liu Jiangtao was relieved to hear what he said. His face was relaxed, and he jocularly asked Yan Chu.

"Still working hard, all right."

He stretched out his waist lazily, clearly not a very elegant movement, but with such an evildoer face, it looked so tempting.

"But there is another bad news. I have to remind you." Liu Jiangtao corrected with a straight look.

"What news?" Yan Chu frowned. He knew Liu Jiangtao's character. He would not be very solemn if it were not truly bad news.

"Meng Pets Forward's last guest is fixed. It is Yu Xintong. I don't know what connection Song Die used." Liu Jiangtao's face was slightly dark. He knew the relationship between Yu Xintong and Chu Tianhe now. Besides, Chu Tianhe was also an artist in Song Die's hands who shot comprehensive arts and entertainment together. God knew what tricks those people would make.

"If you don't want to, I will communicate with the production team. Between a second-tier small hot film star, and the previous film emperor who took part in comprehensive arts and entertainment, it assumed that they also know which is more important. It's just a breach of contract, and you still can afford it."

Liu Jiangtao selfishly did not want Yan Chu and Yu Xintong to participate in the same variety show. Although Yan Chu explained that he had treated Yu Xintong differently because she was Yu Xinyan's younger sister, as a man, he felt that Yan Chu might have some ideas about that young beauty Yu Xintong.

He did not want to miss out on the last variety show. Since it was the last show before he retired, it must leave the best memories for everyone.

If one could not do it, then plainly do not pick it up.

"Brother Liu, you know I am divorced from Xinyan. I'm leaving a marriage with nothing. Now I don't have a dime on me. Where can I pay a huge breach of the contract fee, ah?"

Yan Chu laughed. Just a few minutes ago, his only private money had been spent, and he could not afford to pay the liquidated damages that did not seem particularly expensive before.

"Leave a marriage with nothing?!"

Liu Jiangtao, as Yan Chu’s manager, knew how much money he earned over the years. Besides the investment of some real estate, he had opened many restaurants and clothing brands of the same name. These investments brought him no small profits. Such a massive fortune, he said he gave it away?

At this time, Liu Jiangtao really believed that the man in front of him loved his wife very much.

"If the sister-in-law isn’t willing to forgive you, then just come back, okay? You can't starve to death, ah."

He patted Yan Chu's shoulder. After all these years together, how could he not know the man in front of him was still in love?

"Don't worry. There won't be a day like that."

Yan Chu could not act, ah, at least not as exquisite as the original self's acting skills. Letting him return to show business, it would spoil the original self's good reputation that had accumulated with great difficulty for many years.

"Brother Liu, don't help me push that variety show. You can rest assured that I've been in the circle for so many years, in any case. Just a few days of shooting time, they can't do anything."

Yan Chu thought in his heart, with this gift, they should be forced to rush, right?

In the past life, they let the original self experience the taste of being entangled by drug addiction and losing his reputation. In this life, everything should be paid back. The matter of Chu Tianhe was just an appetizer.

Yan Chu looked at the sky and smiled. He felt as if he was still affected by the crazy and painful emotions of the original self when he was dying. He used to be a very peaceful man, now when he thought about revenge, how could he feel fine?

He turned the ring that he had not taken off. Put it this way, the memory of the first world, it seemed like a movie that had been shown in retrospect before. He remembered the scenes of that world, but he would not be touched by the one he used to be in, like happiness, sadness, and any emotions that had come into contact with him.

What was this? Was it also the function of the system?


When Yan Chu returned home that day, with Yu Xinyan and his tacit understanding, they did not mention what happened at the press conference, but both of them noticed that their relationship had changed.

The most apparent change was Yu Xinyan's attitude toward Yan Chu, which was no longer evasive. Yan Chu's bedroom smoothly changed from a first-floor guest room to a second-floor guest room. Although he was still not allowed to enter Yu Xinyan's bedroom, she had not resisted some intimate actions, such as holding hands and hugging.

The couple's relationship seemed to be back to their married days. They dressed up and went for a walk in the garden of the community after dinner, went to the supermarket near their home, and bought necessities and food for the day, just like ordinary couples.

No one noticed that the man with suntanned skin, big and thick eyebrows, single eyelids, and a pair of old-fashioned black-rimmed glasses were the currently hot Film Emperor Yan on the Internet.

Yu Xinyan felt that maybe when they had gone abroad, to countries where few people know Yan Chu, she could really put aside her unpleasant past and started a new life.

The man who did not know why the change took place made her heartbeat, and all her self-control utterly defeated in front of him.

"You are going to Siya this time. Now it's the hottest time in Siya, don't forget to bring sunscreen with you." It was Yu Xinyan's first time entering Yan Chu's room after her divorce. She was coaxed by that man's shamelessness ever since then.

"And the change of clothes must be ready. This sheet is new, but I washed it with a washing machine. Even in the best hotels, the sheets are not necessarily clean. Your skin is very allergic, so it's better to take the sheets at home."

Yu Xinyan had long been accustomed to packing and saluting for him, although she probably only needed to do it once a year.

"And this mosquito repellent ointment and mist spray. I'll put it in the outermost compartment of the bag."

While she was busy sorting things out for Yan Chu, she was suddenly embraced by Yan Chu from behind.

"Would you like to go with me?"

The man's breath puffed out into her ear, letting You Xinyan subconsciously shrink all at once.

"If you don't want to reveal your identity, you can also appear as my assistant. Can you rest assured when Yu Xintong and I are filming in the same program? That unscrupulous woman has been coveting your man's purity."

Yan Chu felt that since he followed this irresponsible system, his ability to tell lies with his eyes open was getting higher and higher.

Yu Xinyan's attitude softened so fast that it also had something to do with what Yan Chu and she said during the long talk.

In his narrative, he incidentally knew the relationship between them from Yu Xintong's mouth, because he did not understand the grievances between their elders, and took more care of his sister-in-law.

Solely for getting along well, Yan Chu gradually realized that his sister-in-law seemed not to his liking, and when she was with her brother-in-law, there was implicit enticement and seduction.

At that time, he decided to maintain a relationship with Yu Xintong, but who knew that there were rumors about him and his relationship with Yu Xintong on the Internet. And he also found out their family's resentment and hatred, and the fact that Yu Xintong seemed to want to join hands with Chu Tianhe to frame him.

At that time, in order not to inadvertently alert an enemy, he could only maintain the original contact. In the process of getting along with her, he was inquiring about her relationship with Yu Xintong. Because of this, it had caused her misunderstanding.

Because there was the Chu Tianhe scandal before, Yu Xinyan quickly believed in Yan Chu's explanation, and Yan Chu's performance during this time was remarkably good that she immediately forgot her previous unhappiness.

Looking back now, in addition to the frequency of Yan Chu mentioning Yu Xintong in their conversations, she did not have any conclusive evidence to prove that Yan Chu had other thoughts for Yu Xintong.

Over time, Yu Xinyan herself felt that maybe she had been wrong and felt a little guilty.

She vaguely guessed the truth about Yu Xintong's seduction. From a very young age, everything she owned, Yu Xintong wanted to take it. At that time, her grandparents felt ashamed of her and her mother and treated her better than before. On the contrary, Yu Xintong's mother did not ask for the paternal grandparents' love. It was not easy for her to stay at home.

Even though Yu Xinyan never asked her paternal grandparents to compensate her, Yu Xintong still hated her. On the contrary, she was blamed for destroying the existence of their happy life.

Yu Xinyan felt that Yan Chu would be resented by Yu Xintong, probably because of her. For this reason, she was too late to have a guilty conscience, and her attitude towards Yan Chu naturally softened a lot.

"You... shameless..."

Although her attitude softened, Yu Xinyan felt that man's actions were increasingly not satisfied with small gains.

"My wife doesn't forgive me, what else do I have to save face?"

Yan Chu also unexpectedly wanted to mention it. While he said that, he also pointed to Yan Aotian, who secretly picked up a shirt and tore it to play on the side.

"Every dog in the other family has Papa and Mama following it. Do you want our son to be laughed at by other dogs?"

This sentence was so righteous that Yu Xinyan could not help laughing.

"Arf woof arf arf woof."

Hearing its name, Yan Aotian suddenly came to his mind. He did not know if it was because of the Pet's Heart, not only Yan Chu could understand its words, but it also had become more intelligent than before.

The actualization was that after every time it tore up something, it knew to eliminate the evidence.

At this time, Yan Aotian used its two hind legs to tuck the torn ragged clothes under the closet, then blinked its smoked eyes innocently and looked at Yu Xinyan, shouted questioningly.

"Arf arf arf."

Dogs were parents' babies, and it did not to be looked down upon by other dogs.

It hugged Yu Xinyan's calf and rubbed its head. It was a highly-perfected gesture.

"Advance instruction, just an assistant."

I haven't forgiven you yet. Yu Xinyan said the following sentence in her heart silently. She had already realized her time of recalcitrance would not be too long.

"Arf woof!"

Yan Aotian turned the circle excitedly and gave Slag Dad a small sinister impetuous meaningful glance.

Sure enough, their family's harmony depended on it. It had to have three steaks tonight.

The Hidden Marriage of the Scum Film Emperor 8